Djohn 14:01 20 Feb 2003

If anyone is thinking of buying a new 17" TFT, then CTX is releasing a new model at the end of March.

CTX S730. *Warranty for 101 days, No dead Pixels*. J.

  tbh72 14:12 20 Feb 2003

Someone posted information regarding the same but a 15". They are quite expensive, is the extra price worth the 101 day gauruntee? From what I've read from the same thread Sony for instance will only replace a TFT if it has more than 5 problem pixels. Most people that have posted have only one or two, (Me included).

  Djohn 14:19 20 Feb 2003

When I spoke to CTX, they said that the new 17" will retail for approx. £350-00 If this is correct then it's a good price for peace of mind, at least for the first three months.

I would think, that if they can offer a 101 day warranty, then there is probaly less chance of pixels giving trouble later on. J.

  Kong 16:04 20 Feb 2003

I believe there are a few manufacturers that offer 101 day warranty for dead pixels. I have that with the Samsung 152T 15" TFT monitor which I bought a few days ago.

  Djohn 20:02 20 Feb 2003

Kong, I'm pleased to hear that, It can only be good for monitor manufactures/suppliers to offer some form of warranty, even if it is only for a short time.

It does at least avoid the disappointment of buying a new monitor only to get it home and find a Fault straight away.

  zanwalk 20:40 20 Feb 2003

As a postscript to this thread, I would like to single out CTX for praise in their customer service department. I recently had trouble with the cable on a 17" CRT monitor, and as the cable was not detachable from the monitor, they agreed to replace the monitor under their three year warranty (the monitor was 15 months old), they gave me a date for the replacement to be delivered and told me it would be between 9-5pm, I assured them that the old monitor would be ready for collection by 9am, got back to the house at 8.10am to find the monitor had been delivered and the delivery guy had offered to unplug the old monitor himself! I was very impressed.

Well done CTX!

  spuds 22:05 20 Feb 2003

I have dealt with CTX on a number of occassions, when I had a 'Peace of Mind' warranty from ex Tempo Ltd. CTX solved all the problems with their manufactured system, when Tempo proved difficult in honouring their obligations.Recommend CTX service anytime.

  Djohn 22:11 20 Feb 2003

The replies to this thread are very encouraging, I will wait and buy the new monitor when it comes out, already seen a photo of it on the website, and it looks good!

  Coaster3 17:59 21 Feb 2003

They must be very confident of the quality of their product to offer a three months guarantee!!

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