Crystal Ball Gazing..

  Tim1964 01:08 27 May 2004

Can you ever imagine a time when our PCs become so reliable that the help forums start to fade away except as a chat facility?

Although there must be some, you don't see Forums on 'My toaster only browns one side' or 'My TV has thrown up the following error message....' or 'I can't record onto the tape in my VCR cos all the tape in it is on the right hand side'

Or is it just that We ask too much of them?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 27 May 2004

The day that a PC becomes a device for one function only will see the end of the need for support forums. As I see it, reliability is not the issue; rather many posters are trying to figure out how to do certain things.

But hopefully the PC will never become so boring... :-}

  fishyfingers 10:25 27 May 2004

out of interest, what can you do when all of your videos have the tape on the right hand side? I don't want to have to buy new copies!


  Sir Radfordin 11:38 27 May 2004

The self healing computer is perhaps something that is being worked towards but I doubt it will ever happen. Anyone who has used an XP system will have seen the number of problems they face fall dramatically. I'm sure I'm loosing my ability to fix problems because I don't see them anymore. I can't remember the last time I had to 'fix' my own computer.

You have to remember that lots of the posts made on forums like this aren't so much to do with fixing problems but finding solutions. There are posts about specific bits of hardware (new purchases) or specific problems in something like Excel. No matter how good the 'computer' becomes until the user knows everything there will always be questions to be asked.

  Stuartli 15:16 27 May 2004

There are so many billions (literally) of combinations of computer systems, hardware, software, peripherals etc that it would be impossible to achieve perfect harmony betwseen them all.

Wouldn't be as much fun in any case with nothing to do but actually type letters, do your accounts etc.....:@-)

  Steven135 15:58 27 May 2004

Have to agree with Sir Radfordin XP purs along happily gone are the exiting blue screens but it is the nature of the beast that one fine day all will go pear shaped as you press the on button then thank goodness for backups NEVER, EVER be lulled into a false sense of security one day the technological sky WILL fall sure as eggs is eggs.

  sgtdibble 20:11 27 May 2004

Sir Radfordin
wasn't the self healing computer on Star Trek?

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