Crucial's fantastic customer service.

  antony.dandrea 14:17 21 Jul 2008

I just wanted to mention that the company Crucial has a super customer service.

I was on the website this morning and couldn't find what i was looking for.

Instead of having to call them, i could talk to one of their advisors ONLINE. Like MSN messenger. I got all the help i needed at no cost and little time.

I just think that more companys should use this method to keep in contact with their already paying customers rather than making themn pay more for unhelpful help.

  Si_L 15:41 21 Jul 2008

Do you work for them?

  Quiller. 15:45 21 Jul 2008

They are the

BEST by far.

  €dstowe 16:16 21 Jul 2008

Crucial have been on these pages a lot - always positively.

They constantly demonstrate how a good company should be run and others could do well to emulate them.

Just to add - every time I've used Crucial everything has been beyond reproach.

  mrwoowoo 16:58 21 Jul 2008

No he doesn't Lol.
He asked a question in the forums about memory and was directed to Crucial.He is obviously very pleased with the experience.
It certainly is a good method that works well.Nova tech have a similar system,and if you are on a web page on their site too long a customer service rep pops up a live message asking if you need any help.

  Forum Editor 17:16 21 Jul 2008

belongs in Consumerwatch, rather than Speakers Corner, and I'm moving it across now.

  Stuartli 17:50 21 Jul 2008

Your question is both unfair and misguided - Crucial, as has already been pointed out, has long held a reputation for both quality products and high class customer service.

I can assure you I know this from personal experience.

  day2strike 19:15 21 Jul 2008

Crucial are not the leader in the market withour reason.
And the reason is they offer great service time & time again.

  wee eddie 19:54 21 Jul 2008

although Crucial is a marvellous company and have a very high standard of Service.

They also have a very simple product, with fewer than a 1000 product lines and total simplicity in the packaging and storage, their their operation is very smooth. By the way ~ that complex Coding System does not mean that they have many thousand of different types of RAN in stock, it is to keep Crucial informed as to which Machines the RAM is being sold for and an individual type of RAM may have 30, or more, potential Code Numbers.

However it is unfair to compare the performance of other Companies to theirs. Many other Retailers carry huge ranges, from an assortment of other Manufacturers in stock, items which can be every conceivable size, weight or shape and may have a shelf life that is measured in days, before it is superseded by a newer model.

  Si_L 21:23 21 Jul 2008

I have bought from them twice, first time was fine, second they sent the wrong type of memory, so in my experience, they do not have "high class customer service".

  Stuartli 00:03 22 Jul 2008

The last time I dealt with Crucial it was due to one of the offspring ordering the wrong type of memory for her laptop just before she returned home to the Caribbean.

She returned for another visit about 11 months later and brought the memory back with her. I contacted the East Kilbride customer services department, spoke to a very helpful lady and the memory was replaced without any quibble within 24 hours via Royal Mail.

The original sale was fully detailed on the Crucial database.

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