Crucial supplying third party memory?

  Mikè 18:55 18 May 2004

In the past when I have bought memory from Crucial it's always been of there own manufacture, however i've just received a stick of pc2700 apparently made by Samsung.

It has Samsung chips/lables and is identified by windows as Samsung.

Now I don't know wether Crucial supply Samsung with memory or the reverse, but it's worth bearing in mind when comparing Crucials prices with others.

Have emailed Crucial and await their reply with interest.

  sidecar sid 19:24 18 May 2004
  Mikè 19:40 18 May 2004

Copied from the thread linked to by Sidecar Sid.

"Explained my situation and was given a very indepth explanation of why the Samsung module was the most reliable to use with my board."

It'll be interesting if they say this to me, as they recently sold me another stick of the same size for the same mobo.

  Mikè 19:43 18 May 2004

The other stick was of Micron (Crucial) manufacture.

  sidecar sid 19:49 18 May 2004

It may well be because of the recent memory shortage that crucial have had to outsource there memory.However there first class support and warranty should mean that any problems you have with there supplied memory will be quickly resolved regardless of manufacture.

  Mikè 20:11 18 May 2004

All over their site they trumpet the advantages of buying from a large memory manufacturer (Micron that is).

The very least I would have expected, would have been to have been told that I would be getting something different.

I am the manager of a Sony centre, and I don't think my customers would take it too well if I delivered a Panasonic product instead, if a particular item was on back order.

  sidecar sid 20:27 18 May 2004

Mikè I can understand your concern, all I am saying is crucial are not going to supply you with substandard products and judging by previous postings about them you are certainly not going to be left high and dry if you have any problems. I would imagine Sony source components for there products from many different sources and although the finished products may appear identical and function to the same high standard the parts may be from different manufacturers.

  spuds 20:30 18 May 2004

Possibly Crucial outsource their products from well known manufacturers.Manufacture of memory chips, seems to stem from an handfull of companies, who produce for the vast majority of the market. ie Re-badging.

  Mikè 20:31 18 May 2004

Thanks for your input Sid, it's mainly not being asked that bugs me.

  Mikè 20:43 18 May 2004

No they are a major manufacturer of memory with manufacturing facilities in the US europe and the far east. click here

Anyway I'll put this on hold until they get back to me.

  rickimalone 21:00 18 May 2004

My thread relating to this from 2 weeks ago should help this:click here

They sent me Samsung as well as It was the most relible and best performing for my ASUS mother board. Dont worry ring them.........

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