Crucial (the company)

  Jameslayer 12:20 31 May 2011

Hi I have been having trouble with my PC and win7 said my ram is faulty. So that's fine. I go on-line get the information and phone number for crucial. Rang them on a free number phone was answered in about 3 rings. Bloke takes my details but he needs some info I haven't wrote down. So I tell him I need to open the pc. He offers to stay on the line while I do this. I tell him that's fine but I will ring back.

OK so now I have removed the memory from the computer wrote down the info realise I haven't wrote the phone number down so I boot my computer up and get the phone number.

OK ring again and a few rings later am on the phone to another person. We go over the basics and after much head scratching we realise I am a idiot and I actually have Corsair ram not crucial. He carrys on being polite and wishes me good luck in sorting my computer.

So I would just like to compliment crucial on the friendly and polite service. And I would defiantly consider buying from them if their returns team is indication about the rest of the company.

  Colin 14:22 31 May 2011

Crucial receive many positive comments about all aspects of their service. I always buy my RAM from them.

  spuds 16:02 31 May 2011

While I buy most of my memory chips from other sources, I have yet to find a bad word said about Crucial.

If all other companies worked on the same principles as Crucial, then the world of retail would be a far better place.

Amazon (among a few others) are also another company that deserve a great deal of credit for a no problem customer service.

  CurlyWhirly 21:03 01 Jun 2011

I have also experienced Crucial's superb customer service when I had a problem with my RAM purchase a few years ago.

The problem was sorted quickly and nothing was too much trouble.

I have since bought from them, the last time 2 years ago when I wanted to double my system RAM to 4 GB.

  Jameslayer 21:36 01 Jun 2011

Well I haven't had a reply from corsair. Will give them another day then email them again. Through their on-line form.

  Jameslayer 21:37 01 Jun 2011

Did have a reply from crucial about my email praising their telephone service.

  tigertop2 21:01 03 Jun 2011

I would back up the good comments about Crucial. Yes there are other Ram providers and some of them are worth looking at but I have found that Crucial are pretty much the leader on customer service in all respects from browsing to sale to RMA's

  proudfoot 16:02 05 Jun 2011

Can't fault Crucial. Their Dowload to scan your PC and make a recommendation of what RAM to buy is excellent. I bought some RAM to upgrade my Netbook last week, it arrived next day, "was as it said on the tin" installed no problem.

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