CRT monitors - are they still superior to LCDs?

  Handy Spinner 12:56 11 Jul 2006

Greetings everybody,

I've been reading various threads on monitors and I confess I'm rather unsure what to go for. From what I can see, this is how it stands:

--CRT monitors--

+image quality
+19" CRT cheaper than 19" LCD
-health concerns
-less selection

--LCD monitors--

-19" LCD more expensive than 19" CRT
-colours for image editing of poorer quality

I'd be grateful for any help and advice you could give me. I'm into web design, so image quality may become an issue in the future; games aren't really my thing, although I might dabble in SimCity 4 or some stategy game sometime. I also may watch DVDs on the computer.

Thanks for your help and time,


  SG Atlantis® 13:08 11 Jul 2006

CRT's are dead, like the dodo - extinct.


  wee eddie 13:09 11 Jul 2006

The world, and his wife, will be using LCD/TFT Displays with its PCs in the future.

CRT displays are more adaptable when it comes to displaying colours, as related to the printed picture, which is why Artists and Designers tend to use them. Their response time is also said to be faster than the fastest LCD, however, the eye is unlikely to be able to tell the difference at these speeds.

If you are working on Web Design then you will need to work with the type of VDU that your Clients will be using. e.g. LCD/TFT.

  Handy Spinner 13:23 11 Jul 2006

That's a very good point regarding clients - thanks! It's definitely pushed me towards an LCD.

Next question is, any recommendations for one for about £150? Looking for a 19" if possible.


  dontmeshwithme 13:32 11 Jul 2006

If you live in Suffolk I have got an old 19" CRT (LG FLATRON 915) you can have, I purchased it 5 years ago for £300. It's yours for a £20 donation to macmillan nurses! Seriously though unless you have a very, very good reason buy a half decent LCD. This click here will give you a link to all ebuyer 5* rated (by customers) 19" monitors. Hope it helps

  amonra 21:38 11 Jul 2006

If you want a better dynamic range of colour,contrast,brightness, then CRT is your choice. But as wee edie has stated, most of your clients will have already been converted to TFT so there you go.

  Stuartli 21:53 11 Jul 2006

Vast selection (dozens) of 19in LCD monitors here:

click here

However, about four months ago my son bought his 19in AG Neovo F419 from this supplier and is delighted with it. The display is bright, clear and with accurate colours.

The price has since come down as a slightly updated version (8ms rather than 12ms) came out soon afterwards.

An important point is that it comes with a DVI cable, which can cost up to £20 or so if you have to buy one separately.

I ordered it on his behalf on a Saturday night online and it was delivered the following Tuesday morning (i.e. next day delivery in effect), even though this was supposed to be the Wednesday.

click here

  GaT7 01:20 12 Jul 2006

Also see click here, & A Guide to Choosing the Right 19" LCD Monitor click here - specs you may want to consider are mentioned on the 2nd & 3rd pages. G

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