crt /flat screen

  sunday36 15:55 14 Feb 2004

do i get a crt display or flat screen
if i buy a flat screen do i need a dvi digital screen or will analouge do.
this screen will be used with £1000 desktop letter

  Forum Editor 16:51 14 Feb 2004

but if you are using the computer for general work (you are not a graphic design or Photo-manipulation professional) you would be better to go for a TFT screen. If you work with graphics and images for a living (or as a serious hobby) you'll find that colour rendition on a CRT screen is superior.

  961 17:31 14 Feb 2004

If you are into games you will get better results with a crt monitor

If you have space for a crt my own prefernce would be for a larger top quality crt rather than a tft for the same money

If you buy a tft you should buy one with dvi

  DieSse 18:13 14 Feb 2004

Opinions vary - so look at both and form your own judgement.

Personally I don't like TFTs much - if you don't run them at their native resolution, they often give poor quality pictures - particularly on text. If you do run them at their native resolution, the objects on the screen are a little small for my taste. But that's just my opinion - you should form your own.

And by the way TFTs are still condiderably more expensive.

  DieSse 18:15 14 Feb 2004

And - you can only run with a DVI interface if your graphics card has a DVI output. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference between analogue and DVI on a good quality TFT.

  SANAP 18:18 14 Feb 2004

And there was I thinking of getting one of those nice illiyama jobs - time for a re-think? I like games and the rest is on the web, reading etc.


  HXP 22:41 14 Feb 2004

I use my machine for gaming as well as some serious work and have just placed an order with Mesh for a new PC. Decided to stick with my old CRT for the moment as having seen games on a TFT I wasn't all that impressed.

Benq have just released a fast TFT the FP767-12 for £380 which they reckon matches a CRT for speed. But bear in mind athe previous posts about native resolutions.

Just my opinion - I'm sticking with cheaper CRT for the moment.

  wags 08:12 15 Feb 2004

As mentioned previously, for gaming a quality 19" CRT (with flat screen) is the way to go and IMHO is much better than an TFT for apps such as Photoshop. However, if desk space is tight and as FE says you only use your PC for word processing, internet and other more office related tasks, then a TFT may suit you. Go to a large PC retailer and take a look yourself, as what suits one persons eye, may look awful to another !

  carver 19:34 15 Feb 2004

I've got the Liyama E431S and its as good if not better than my old 17" Mitsubishi 920, games are good at any resolution, text is still sharp at 800x600, and the best part is no more eye strain or headaches for the wife, plus a dam sight more room on the desk for me to put all my clutter.

  IClaudio 20:17 15 Feb 2004

Don't believe what you may have read here and elsewhere on the Forums about TFT not being good for games... I think this was probably true some years ago, when refresh rates of TFT screens were not good enough for fast action games, but that's not true now.

The point is, you need to play without eyestrain for several hours, and when you're gaming, you don't have the luxury of getting up for a stroll around the block in order to rest the eyes. I used to have a 19" CRT, but then invested just £300 in a 17" Iiyami AS4332 - it has twin digital inputs, so you can (as I do) run two computers through it. I don't notice the missing 2 inches in screen size (comparable screen sizes may give the advantage to CRT, price-wise), and I certainly appreciate the extra (many) inches of free desktop space I now have. As for things like 'Pin-cushion' (or whatever it was called, thankfully I forgotten), and all the other quaint Resize options in the Menu settings - well, they just don't exist any more. And if I want to move it, I can pick it up with one hand.

So go ahead, get a TFT and frankly, your life will change! Unless you're a graphic designer who absolutely needs correct colour resolution.

  The Spires 22:11 15 Feb 2004

Sorry but I love my Iiyama 19" CRT, until recently TFT's for me have been another case of 'The emperors new clothes'. What people find the do with the extra space behind the monitor I don't know, a small book perhaps, but not a house extention though. If you're changing a goldfish bowl for a decent TFT you will notice a difference but an investment it isn't.

TFTs are now becoming an alternative to a good CRT but its only happened only recently. I personally am not convinced that for me thinner is better, but I do know an awful lot of people in the last two years have bought expensive TFT's with cheap poewr supplies & actually downgraded by listening to advertising blurb instead of sitting in front of a display & trying it for size.

It is foolish to sit in front of any display for hours without a break, ask any optician, eyes are not replaceable, not on the NHS anyway.

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