credit note for dixons, but choices are limited!

  second best 13:53 08 Mar 2004

hi, i have just managed to 'win' if you like a case to renew or replace my samsung digital camcoreder. this has been going on since sept of last year, but i recieved a letter on sat telling me they are offering me a credit note to the value of the original purchase (650). now, this is great in itself, but having checked out the dixons online site, the choices i have are few and the spec not too great. i remeber in the past they used to deal a lot with sony, but now they only have the 'newish' sony dv100. the one with the re-writable dvd. the pixel resolution for the ccd is apparently only 640k. i have called them to ask if they can extend there range to somethign other than they have in the store, but they have said it's not possible. would this be correct? i thought i might be able to pic a camera and have them buy it in for me.

  byfordr 14:40 08 Mar 2004

Does this work in DSG stores ie Currys and PC world or is it just Dixons?

Dixons are expensive but if find out what they do thats nice. Find the price of a local shop (Not internet) something like Jessops and get them to match the price. This should allow your pounds to go further. Spend the difference on accessories.

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Soemthing like the DCRTRV33 or Canon MV750i will be within your price range. Trouble with Dixons is the poor selection.



  byfordr 14:58 08 Mar 2004
  second best 22:27 08 Mar 2004

hi byfordr, thanks for the replies. the problem is, they can only match the price if they have the product themselves, that's my point. they have nothing i want. i was willing to up the price to somethig like 1400 at the most, but they have very little choice. quite frankly, i have a credit note for a digital camcorder, and i don't need anything else, but their choice is poor, and like i said in my first thread, the pixel resolution for the sony dv100 is only 640k. most cameras now are at least 800k, with some going up as far as 3mega pixel. all the other cameras are also not worth concidering. i'd be buying it for the sake of it. is there no way i can refuse the credit note and ask for a refund?

  byfordr 22:49 08 Mar 2004

DCRDVD100 0.8 megapixel. Record direct to DVD. 2.0 USB port. Weight 640g plus battery. Is the model you are talking about a old one?

It may be worth asking if you can spend it in Currys (they are part of the same group) or seeing if they can get you a camcorder in on special order.

I thought the CCD was used for still shots?

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  second best 23:00 08 Mar 2004

hi, i have checked out all the groups linked to dcg. they stock the same products. just looking into the resolution and pixel adn ccd and stuff now. need to research this a little more i think, thought i had it sussed. :(

  second best 00:49 09 Mar 2004

doesnt have firewire this model. there must be something i can do.

  Forum Editor 07:02 09 Mar 2004

Without knowing the precise circumstances of matter I can't answer that.

If you received the credit note because the camcorder was 'not fit' for its purpose, or if it had an inherent defect then yes, you could have demanded a full refund, but if the circumstances were different then that may not be the case. In any event, it seems likely that you agreed to accept the credit note in final settlement of the matter, and you're probably stuck with it. You certainly can't demand that the company buys in a special item for you - that's not how credit notes work.

The crucial thing here is the fact that you agreed to accept the credit note - so you must choose something from their stock range.

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