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  kiddgame2000 11:37 01 Dec 2007

I have just tried to order AOL broadband and after doing a credit check apparently i have failed.

The lady on the phone gave me a number to phone to find out why i have failed and it does not work.

I am quite angry as the only direct debit i have ever had is with NTL and i paid everything in full with when i was with them.

The number she gave me is 0844 9955 55

Has anyone got any ideas what the right number might be or how i can find out why i have failed.

Thank you

  FungusBoggieman 11:45 01 Dec 2007

click here

for £2.00 they will post you your credit file it will tell you whats on it if you disagree with it you can get it altered.
£2.00 well spent

  Forum Editor 12:07 01 Dec 2007

1. You may have no valid credit record - you haven't had a credit card, or haven't had one for long, for instance.

2. You have previously defaulted on card payments.

3. You have defaulted on direct debit payments.

4. You - or someone at your address - has a history of a County Court judgment which has not yet time-expired.

Use one of the available methods to check your credit file - the one posted by FungusBoggieman is fine. That will tell you what, if anything, is wrong, and you can try to put matters right.

  spuds 13:05 01 Dec 2007

Experian and Equifax are the main credit reference agencies in the UK, and you will most likely find that is what AOL have used.

If you have never had credit or debit payments within a certain period of time, then that is perhaps why you have no reference record, and your details have drawn a blank.

I forget now, but one of the above companies had a major location move a few years ago, and certain records and administration procedures became confused. The Data Protection people were aware of the problems at the time.

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  Pine Man 15:18 01 Dec 2007
  961 15:33 01 Dec 2007

If you go to the Equifax or Experian web sites (Google for link) you can get an immediate copy of your credit file on line by signing up for a trial subscription for 3 months

After that it's around £70 per annum depending on which company you use, but if you cancel the sub within the time stipulated you will not be charged

You can order a copy of your credit file on line for £2 but this will take around seven working days to arrive plus any postal delays

  ray7 20:18 01 Dec 2007

a credit check fails for one of several reasons..

You are of course correct as usual but may I add number 5...
an error by the submitting company stating a default
which did not occur. This happened to me and three other people that I know about and its very difficult having this removed, particularly if the company no longer exists.

For this reason, I feel that the Credit Agencies should be legally bound to advise all'defaulters' that their credit file has been downgraded giving the opportunity to make a rapid correction

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