Credit Card mystery

  katkins 20:36 17 Jul 2008

I know this is not a technology related matter, but this AM I had a statement from my Halifax Credit Card providers noting a purchase made on 17 June for £70, from an outfit called 'Leisure Time'.

The mystery is that I haven't used my Halifax card, renewed in Spring last year, for up on 2 years as I use my other bank card all the time and the Halifax card has never left my possession.


I rang the Lost and Stolen services and was given an address to write to disputing the debt which I've just done this afo. In the meantime, I cancelled the card.

It's a case of wait and see for the moment.

  birdface 22:57 17 Jul 2008

Can't find the one you want googled here= Maybe you need to run your security programs and see if they find anything.I also hope that you shred your bank statements when you get rid of them.

  katkins 12:58 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for the advice.

I bought a Fellows shredder from Argos 2 years ago and it's still packaged - never been opened. I manually tear up statements and receipts which is daft as I have the Fellows shredder. Utility costs have gone up so much that I'm now hesitant to even start using it at all.

The odd thing about the Halifax CC, is that I don't recall using it online, at least not over the past 2 years or more.

I use K7 Antivirus and it alerts me every time it nails something, and it has quaranteened several trojans, some of which upon inspection might not have been trojans, but updates from legitimate sources although I realize even legitimate sources can get infiltrated.

I have the free Online Armor firewall and also Comodo BOclean which has also nailed a trojan or two. Realtime Superantispyware which I bought is also in use. I have free A-squared being non-realtime, 2 rootkit detector programmes and Microsoft's Malicious .... That's about it!

I run them 2 or 3 times weekly, especially K7 and Superantispyware.

  interzone55 13:15 18 Jul 2008

If you've never used your card on-line then I can't see it being anything to do with your PC.

It's more likely someone who's either found a card statement with enough info to be useful (use the shredder, they only use a tiny amount of electricity, mine is rated at 15w) or a company you've used the card with previously.

I used to be in the AA, but for the last 6 years I've always had new cars which come with their own AA or RAC cover, so my personal AA membership was canceled over 6 years ago, yet last year an AA renewal appeared on my bank statement. I queried it and got the money back, it was a clerical error that had reinstated a direct debit, but if I didn't go through my statement line by line I would have been out of pocket.

I'd check with the Halifax to see if you paid this company something several years ago...

  namtas 16:09 18 Jul 2008

Two weeks ago I received a email pretending to come from Halifax PLC, it give the reason that some accounts were having a problem, and asked me to click on a link to log on. The link looked very authentic but when I contacted the Halifax I discovered it was a clever scam to get bank account details, Halifax blocked the email link within a very short time. Just wondering if by any chance you received this request and acted on it.

  katkins 09:58 19 Jul 2008

No, I haven't had any such e-mails as yet!!! I have had several spamware e-mails over the past year or more from Paypal.

I usually open them, copy and paste to the Paypal website before deleting and they then e-mail me with an acknowledgement.

  wids001 13:36 24 Jul 2008

Have you moved recently? Back in 2000 I was offered the halifax ONE card are a replacement for my GOLD card. The balance from the GOLD card was transfered over to the ONE card and I assumed it was then closed. I then moved informing Halifax of my new address and the ONE statements duly arrived each month. Then, around 2 years ago I receieved a threatening letter from a debt recovery agency for £1700. Seems my Gold card wasn't cancelled and once it expired a new one was sent to my old address. It's taken 2 years to get this sorted - Halifax refused to divulage any info to me on when the card was used etc., saying they had sold the debt to this collection agency. Finally got it sorted after I got a letter from the council showing the date that I moved from the old house.

  katkins 01:22 27 Jul 2008

Halifax informed me I would have to pay the c c bill and pursue the vendor myself for a refund which I accordingly did.

I rang the vendor and asked them for a copy of the original subscription document I was supposed to have signed. The copy arrived 3 days ago and I could see it wasn't my signature so I promptly rang them back and was asked to forward photocopies of my passport, drivers' licence and any other official type docu bearing my signature.

They're going to get a graphologist to examine them and will refund me if my signature proves to have been forged.

  katkins 00:29 06 Sep 2008

Just a quick line to say I finally got my money paid back into my bank account on Sept 3rd.

Thank you all for your useful advices.

  BT 08:38 06 Sep 2008

Just as an extra on this one. I hadn't received a replacement card from Capital One when my old one expired. I gave them a call and they said that as I hadn't actually used this particular card over the last 12 months, as a security measure they hadn't sent out a new one automatically. They sent me a new one straight away after the phone call. Seems a fairly sensible policy to me.

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