Credit card fraud - again

  jack 12:43 02 Nov 2006

My CC co phoned this morning to discuss two large transaction that had appeared on my card
We concluded they were fraudulant all the appropriate action has been taken.
The operator said they were for £800 and £900 respectively to a 'Mail order Co in Ireland'
The first had been accepted the mail order co rejected the second.
Now having been aware of friends being caught up in this and in looking here
click here
and looking at those sums of money it seems that Dell are a favourite target for this sort of thing.
The order when placed would have directed the delivery to be affected to an address other than that of the card holder.
Should not this alone be a warning to Dell that 'summats afoot?' and refuse delivery to any address other than that of the card holder.?

  puma22 13:55 02 Nov 2006

I had a similar issue with my CC, only in my case the order was with Comet. Apparently they are a common target as they don't mind where they ship the goods to.

  FreeCell 14:09 02 Nov 2006

From a recent experience of a friend, Dell do not accept orders for delivery to an address that is not the one registered with CC company. She wanted a new Dell delivered to her new address and had not at that time notified CC company and Dell refused to process the order until address issue was resolved.

Perhaps not all sales agents for Dell are as diligent as they should be.

  Markus 15:39 02 Nov 2006

Having been the victim of card fraud just a few months ago I agree with Freecall that goods should only be sent to the card holders registered address. I live in the North of Scotland Goods were ordered on my card and delivered to an address in Southampton with a four figure value. My card company are now trying to track down offender. Fingers crossed.

  jack 19:36 02 Nov 2006

One wonders what sort of address it can be where presumably the 'perps' are no longer around if and when an investigation is made -with the accent on the 'if' part - I should think

  puma22 21:17 02 Nov 2006

I reported the fraudulent transactions to the police and they suggested that there is so much fraud that the CC companies don't chase for anything under £100,00!

  FatboySlim71 22:46 02 Nov 2006

I was a victim of some fraudulent transactions, one was for £850 tesco direct and one was for £250 for a car parts place. I have an idea of where these transactions originated, basically I have shopped via secure web sites for over 3 years with no problems whatsoever, then this time I telephone an order in and give them my credit card details etc, then a week or less after placing this order the two fraudulent transactions appeared on my credit card, seems too much of a coincedence that since I had telephoned this order in I had these fraudulent transactions appear.

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