Credit card cancelled by bank

  VNAM75 14:40 21 Jul 2009

Had a call from HSBC saying my credit card number was one of a number of many that could have been cloned. An order I made at ebuyer was declined but they let me reorder before cancelling the card and said they would issue another one.

This is the first time I've had any issue with any bank card. I am curious how my card details (amongst many others) could have been stolen. Could it have been insider fraud, computer hacking..?
Is there a news story link that any one has to this?

  HondaMan 14:55 21 Jul 2009

Could have been any number of reasons. I, too, bank with HSBC and I'm on my 3rd or maybe even my 4th card as they have intercepted "an unusual" transaction.

I'm just grateful that they are as vigilant as they seem to be

  Clapton is God 16:07 21 Jul 2009

"I am curious how my card details (amongst many others) could have been stolen"

It's simple.

Every time you use your card are you 110% certain that the cashier accepting your card and asking you to enter your PIN is honest?

None of us can ever have that certainty.

We don't know whether or not they've attached a reader to the PIN machine which 'grabs' your details from the card.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:24 21 Jul 2009

I would put large amounts of money on that it was nothing to do with hacking your home computer.


  VNAM75 16:24 21 Jul 2009

clapton, I only use my card for internet purchases at reputable companies - amazon, ebuyer, play, tomtom etc. Plus, hsbc said a large number of cards had been affected. So someome somewhere has managed to get hold of a large database of card details. May be it has something to do organised crime or similiar.

  Spark6 16:39 21 Jul 2009

I use my HSBC credit card for on-line purchases only and have had the details used fraudulently.

My conclusion was that it was down to staff at one of the companies I had dealt with. BTW do you use the Secure Code on-line?

  oresome 16:57 21 Jul 2009

Read this story in the Times

click here

  mikef. 18:59 21 Jul 2009

Last year Cotton Traders were hacked and thousands of card details stolen, including mine which Nationwide soon spotted and stopped the fraud,they are not the only ones and unfortunately some companies don't even realise it for months

  VNAM75 19:14 21 Jul 2009

Spark6, what is the secure code? Not the 3 digit no. at the back of the card is it? Oresome, that was the link I was looking for.

HSBC contacted me on my mobile to inform me. Asked them if they could wait until I made an online order before the card was cancelled. They did and called me 45 mins later to tell me that the card would be reissued with new no. Its a good idea to let your bank know your mobile so they can contact you straight away about any thing urgent.

  Forum Editor 23:11 21 Jul 2009

what are called card dumps. These are long lists of card details, of which many are active and many have been cancelled. It's illegal to sell this information of course, but that doesn't deter the criminals who do it.

Your card details may have been 'harvested' in a restaurant, or a petrol station, or in any shop where you paid with the card. My advice is to forget about it and carry on - let the card company do the worrying.

  JanetO 09:09 22 Jul 2009

Also I believe trojans can glean certain info from a pc.

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