Creative SBS 580 5.1 speakers. Any good or not?

  Cybermaxx 09:50 23 Sep 2006

As mentioned in my other topic, I'm returning my Logitech X230 2.1 system for a refund today. What about this Creative one? Is a 5.1 system likely to be just as bass over the top as a 2.1 system?

Although I have never used that particular set, all the Creative models I have seen allow you to control the bass level.

quote from click here "Bass level control at subwoofer for personalised preference"

  Cybermaxx 11:18 23 Sep 2006

Yes, but the X230 has a bass control dial on it, too. Problem is, even at minimum it's just too powerful. Seems as if my integrated Realtek AC97 soundcard doesn't allow you alter it, either.

  WHU 12:29 23 Sep 2006

Ive got the Creative T6060 (i think!) 5.1. And i think there really good for the money. It has a seperate control to set the volume and bass levels. I have my bass level on 2, but it does go upto 10, although i cant imagine why you would need it that high. The minimum setting is pretty much no bass at all.

  Cybermaxx 12:37 23 Sep 2006

Hmmm, quite a difference between the T6060 and the SBS 580, though

click here

Just noticed that the SBS 580 doesn't even have a headphone socket. That's really cheap and nasty! I think I'll just get the refund and leave it at that.

  Cybermaxx 12:38 23 Sep 2006

damn, the comparison screen hasn't appeared. Oh well...........

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