Crazy Ink-jet Prices

  Confab 13:26 22 Jun 2003

I know we've probably been here 100 times before but I've just bought 9 ink-jet cartridges for my Epson Stylus Color 740 printer (5 black and 4 Colour) from click here and the total cost including vat? £17.95. I compared the price to those on the Epson website and the cost was £183.57. OK I know that the ones that I have bought are compatible cartridges but how can you go wrong. I've saved over £165.00!! I have used Choice many times before and have found the carts to be very reliable. I did have a problem with one some time ago but they just replaced it no questions asked. Sorry but I felt that I just had to praise this company.


  The Spires 14:26 22 Jun 2003

I agree if your printer exploded in a ball of flames every three months because of blocked jets making your warranty null & void and the printer had to be replaced at your own cost it's still cheaper to buy compatibles.

  pj123 14:39 22 Jun 2003

I agree with you entirely. I have always used Choice for my ink and paper (except ordinary copy paper). Don't forget they also offer a guarantee that if any of their ink cartridges "break" your printer they will collect it, repair it, or, if it cannot be repaired, replace it free of charge.

  Stuartli 14:51 22 Jun 2003

I buy compatible cartridges for my Canon BJC600e (it uses black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges) from CPC in Preston (click here)

All are £1.85 each plus VAT and a double capacity black is also available at £2 plus VAT; I haven't found anywhere else selling them at anything like these prices.

CPC, now part of the Farnell Group, carries massive stocks of top brand spare parts, components etc for computer systems; TV, audio and electronics; cars and many other items.

It's been established in Preston for around three decades and has a large trade customers base, although the general public is made welcome.

The Canon cartridges are usually listed in its regular monthly flyer and there are also keenly priced cartridges for Epson etc.

Phone number is 01772-654455 if anyone wants to check availability.

  ewtie 15:52 22 Jun 2003

Have used Choice for years on Epson 600 and 680. Never one prob. More than I can say for more expensice compatables.

Have used CPC for years. Problem is, no catalogue unless you are trade and their site hasn't been 'up' for that long and it is huge!

Mostly very keen prices as well.

  pj123 16:56 22 Jun 2003

Stuartli, have a try at Tonezone. they are offering ink for your printer at £1.69 inc VAT. go to click here and see for yourself. I use tonezone regularly when Choice do not supply.

  Stuartli 18:08 22 Jun 2003

Thanks for that tip - haven't heard of this company before.

However, a double capacity black at £2.35 including VAT is still pretty impressive at CPC - I also don't have to pay p and p as my order goes in through my best mate's retail TV/audio/visual workshop's requirement....:-)

But it could be very useful for batteries etc.

  Confab 22:24 22 Jun 2003

I've just bought a couple of head cleaning carts for my Epson from Tonezone, one colour and one black. Cost was £11.58 - bargain.


  g0slp 00:17 23 Jun 2003

(Poor 'cos of the prices of cartridges!), 7dayshop

click here

are doing a special on Lexmark compatibles at present.

Mind you, I think it's time to take a hammer to the piggy bank & get an Epson, judging by the earlier posts!

  Stuartli 08:28 23 Jun 2003

Just for interest for those with earlier HP printers (including the 700/800 series), CPC sells a black cartridge refill kit for under £8 plus VAT.

You apparently place it on top of the used cartridge and it refills it automatically whilst, at the same time, filling to a much higher capacity than originally.

My mate has ordered one of these for his 890C, for which he normally buys full price HP cartridge replacements, so will await the outcome with interest.

It's particularly interesting as the two most recent HP cartridges he bought, black and colour, both proved faulty. He only found out after taking the printer in for repair after doing all the nromal checks.

  Confab 09:44 24 Jun 2003

Cleaning carts from Tonezone arrived this morning. Not bad seeing as they were ordered at 10.30pm on Sunday. I'll post when the Choice carts arrive and then mark as read.


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