Crazy Cameras

  harry12 17:49 25 Nov 2009

Has anyone had any dealings with the above click here. I would appreciate any comments.

  mr simon 17:54 25 Nov 2009

In no way baised, this was the first hit on Google after searching "Crazy Cameras review"

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  harry12 18:44 25 Nov 2009

Many thanks mr simon Imissed that one, the website is very good and prices low. They also advertise on cnet.

  berwicklaw 13:25 22 Jan 2010

Crazy Cameras Is a shambles They will take your money but you are unlikely to see your camera. Certainly not within a month. I ordered on January 2nd. On January 22nd after many false dawns they informed me "that they could not guarantee delivery date" I cancelled and now wait and see if refunded
Do not patronise. Please note that despite the pretence they are NOT based in UK but in USA See other review boards and complain if already hooked to the Oregon State Better Business Bureau

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  berwicklaw 18:04 22 Jan 2010
  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:22 22 Jan 2010

click here Personally I think you would be bonkers dealing with them.


  onionskin 23:57 22 Jan 2010

My wife ordered a book, via Amazon, from a firm which said they were dispatched from the UK, (that was the clue).

A month later, still no book and a couple of emails had gone unanswered so she gave them a 1 star rating on Amazon.

Next day she got an email saying her rating was damaging their business, said the book had been dispatched weeks ago, blamed Royal Mail, the snow and a death in a coleagues family. They refunded my wife's account and said if the book arrived, she could keep it. A couple of days later, the book arrived.

Turns out that although the books are dispatched from the UK, they come from America first. Obviously they save postage costs by sending them over in bulk and them posting them on from the UK. I think, how long you wait for your order depends on how long it takes to get a crate-full in the US. I also suspect that, although the UK end is presented as a professional organisation, with the implication that they are a UK bookshop, it's really a couple of women working from a spare bedroom, and they're not that well organised.

Looking at their reviews on Amazon, something went badly wrong over the Christmas period, maybe they decided to take a holiday. I also notice that they no longer say that books are dispatched from the UK.

  technonotice 17:50 19 Feb 2010

I'm another one who's been scammed by these people. After seeing this: click here I've realised I have little chance of getting my money back.

  Input Overload 21:49 19 Feb 2010

Domain name:

George Hill

Registrant type:

Registrant's address:
691 Dell Road
United States

  Input Overload 21:58 19 Feb 2010

You can order online from Jessops at a much cheaper price than the shop then print the sheet out. Trundle down to Jessops pay the web price & get the camera or other merchandise usually within the hour. They will text you when you can pick it up.

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  Input Overload 10:29 20 Feb 2010

In slight mitigation for the company in 'About Us' on the main page it states quite clearly how they conduct their business.

Anyone buying from any online company should read such detail before thinking of ordering. So as I see it they are quite open about their business model & they make no pretense regarding the UK & state quite clearly the USA connection. I wouldn't use them regardless.

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