Cracker of a boob from TalkTalk

  cocteau48 15:11 02 Jul 2010

Just received a letter from TalkTalk (addressed to A N Opportunity,not to me personally, even though I am a TalkTalk customer)offering their TalkTalk Essentials package for £6.99 a month "including their up to 24 Meg broadband"

A quick phone call and a very pleasant Asian lady sheepishly admitted that this was indeed an error and that the "up to 24 Meg" should have been shown as one of their boost options - that they were investigating how the current letter had been sent out - and that they had received "rather a lot" of inquiries on the basis of the letter.

Heaven knows how many of these have been sent out across the country - although I am aware of one TalkTalk customer,on threatening to move to another ISP,got them to honour the deal.

  sunnystaines 18:04 02 Jul 2010

my talktalk was good until recent lt was between 6-7meg, pay for up to 8 but of recently its a mere 3-4 meg.

not sure how they can offer 24 meg when they have cut back on the 8 meg

  cocteau48 18:34 02 Jul 2010


I do not pretend to understand the goings on within the local exchange but I do have a suspicion that the more people that they service at 24 Meg is to the detriment of us lesser mortals on up to 8 Meg contracts.

  cocteau48 18:57 02 Jul 2010

Think I am right in saying that the free Turbo Boost only kicks in if you are already getting over 8Meg.

  Im a diddy 19:51 02 Jul 2010

I got the letter aswell.

  sunnystaines 20:01 02 Jul 2010

bt recently replaced some cables i asked the navvies if they were fibre optic they said no copper, perhaps using up old stock that has not been stolen by pikeys.

  cocteau48 20:24 02 Jul 2010

I have emailed them this evening asking for clarification as to just what exactly the deal is.

Pleasant Asian lady may have just spun me a load of hee-haw to get me off the line or maybe she could not be bothered processing my request!

I have also asked for clarification as to whether the speed which i get at the moment is the best I am going to get no matter what package I am on - which I very much suspect may be the case.

  spuds 22:17 02 Jul 2010

I was with Lineone, then Tiscali after the takeover, then TalkTalk after that takeover. All the way through the various owners there as been good and bad service. Promises made, promises broken.

Only last week I had a cold call from someone stating that they were from TalkTalk, which I suspect was a contracted-out call centre in Scotland, telling me that my contract was due to expire, and if I renewed they could offer certain incentives. When asked to put everything in writing, "They didn't do that".

I suppose I will have to wait for the next special offers, and TalkTalk want to tie me into another 18 month or longer contract!.

With regards to speed, I have been assured by BT OpenReach that my line should supply 'at least' 4Mb. I am lucky to get over 2Mb at the moment, and that is after TalkTalk have informed me that I will get the maximum they can offer!.

  sunnystaines 07:24 03 Jul 2010

I am hoping talktalk does not degrade itself to the poor standards of tiscali.

  cocteau48 12:13 03 Jul 2010

Had both a phone and email response to my queries,both it must be said from emanating from within this country,which was a pleasant surprise.

Three items to note:

The response from the pleasant Asian lady was in fact a complete load of tosh and twaddle!

If I were to avail myself of their latest deal it would effectively cost me 50p extra per month to get free 0845/0870 calls but I would lose my current free international calls status which would be an added boost option at extra cost.

It does not matter which bandwidth contract that you are on .... you will still only get what your line will allow. If you are only getting 5 Meg now you will still only get 5 Meg whether you are on an up to 8 Meg or up to 24 Meg package.

It was also confirmed,as suspected, that as more people who are lucky enough to get a bandwidth of up to 24 Meg - either because of their proximity to the exchange or because they are on fibre optic supply - they do so at the expense of those on a lower bandwidth at least until your exchange gets another upgrade.

  sunnystaines 12:19 03 Jul 2010

that last para shows perhaps why mine has dropped.
we live less than a mile from the exchange too.

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