Cracked LCD and Compaq Warranty

  PaulW123 22:09 06 Oct 2007

Hi all, first post here and hope its in the right section.

I bought a laptop from PC World around 10 months ago so to get my girlfriend of mine!! Last week while she was using this the LCD cracked, the laptop has never been dropped infact its very rarely been moved since it was bought and looks in the condition it was bought.

I called Compaq (Hewlett Packard) directly and after being told to remove the battery and press the on button for 2 minutes and explaining that this is very unlikely to fix a crack in the screen I was told this would be picked up and returned fixed within 6 days.

6 days later & we heard absolutly nothing, the next day I recieve a voice message left from their technical support telling me that after 6 days they have managed to find the fault which is a cracked LCD (despite me telling them this 7 days before) and that my warranty does not cover this and that I would be charged close to 250£ to get this fixed.

Can anyone please tell me where I stand with this, do I have any rights, are Compaq / Hewlett Packard allowed to do this and basically what I can do. To me it seems beyond believe that you can purchase an item but a part of it has no warranty.

Thanks in advance for any replies...

  STREETWORK 22:36 06 Oct 2007

Did you take a picture of the crack?

If the screen cracked due to a fault then it would be covered by the warrenty.

It would appear that others have experienced this with thier laptop. Go to google and type in - compag cracked screen -

If this is the case then it could be an inherent fault and you would have a case...

  rdave13 23:48 06 Oct 2007

Personally if I bought any PC from PC World and it failed within 12 months I'd take it back to them and explain politely what has happened.
You bought the machine off them and I'm sure if you look at your receipt it should tell you what to do incase of a failure. You do keep receipts?

  PaulW123 23:51 06 Oct 2007

Yes I have all the receipts

  spuds 10:27 07 Oct 2007

Your first port of call was with the retailer PC World, they should have been involved in getting the laptop repaired 'under warranty' from the very start. Now that you have gone direct to the manufacturer 'without' PC Worlds approval and agreement, things may be a little tougher for you under consumer law, hence the reason why HP/Compaq are requesting a repair fee. HP/Compaq warranty is different to that provided by PC World under consumer law. The manufacturers warranty is only an additional option that the customer may take up, if they wish to do so.

Have a word with Consumer Direct click here they should be able to provide advice as to the next course of action.

  spuds 10:52 17 Oct 2007

I am not trying to do the forum editors job, but giving a mobile phone number in the forum is not recommended or approved, the same thing applies to requesting direct communications with another forum member, so taking the problem off-line. We all like to share the outcome of any event, so that it may help others in similar circumstances.

It would appear that you purchased your computer from Comet, and they 'informed' you to deal with the manufacturer as the item was still under warranty. Comet seem to give this information out on a very regular basis, when in fact, consumer law states that Comet are responsible for a product like a computer for at least the first 12 months. The manufacturer is only providing an additional service, which by law they are not legally obliged to do.

If you have written details that Comet have told you that you 'HAVE' to deal direct with the manufacturer, then I would suggest that you contact your local trading standards office, and request their help and advice. I would also suggest that you contact Comet at their head office expressing your concerns as to the information you was given regarding warranty and Comet's responsibilities. Send a copy of the letter to the manager of the store that you are dealing with. You could also try Consumer Direct click here for further advice, but in my opinion, your local trading standards would be the better move, for direct prompt help.

On a personal note, I have dealt with Comet customer services, and I have a low star rating for their customer relations. I never ever use that company now.

  wee eddie 11:15 17 Oct 2007

is an item left on the keyboard when the top put down or closed. The most usual candidate for this is the Biro.

This is why you will find many companies wary of dealing with broken screens under warranty as it is not a manufacturing fault.

You might be better following the insurance route.

  jakeb22 17:04 17 Oct 2007

I have contacted consumer direct for verbal advice, and wee eddie, i know well the most common cause of a cracked screen, except out of prinicple, this is down to what i blatently see as a manuafctures fault. if theres more than one person to expereince it must be production fault.

yeah mob no. not a big deal.
beena dvised to put in writing & request response from both commet & hp. spud i will look into local trading standards after i write the letter, for faster more direct advice like you say.



  PaulW123 17:55 17 Oct 2007

Hi all,

OK, I would really not bother complaining if the fault was my own, the screen cracked while the laptop was in use it is really as good as new in condition and has never even be knocked let alone dropped.

Anyway, in the end asked for the laptop back from HP as I called PC World as it had been recommended (including here) to speak with them. Over the phone I was told this can & will be fixed under warranty and to please take this into ANY PC World.

When I got to PC World as you can all guess I was told this was not the case.

Though this is were it gets interesting, standing next to me is another very irate customer with an identical Compaq, with a cracked screen, who had bought his 3 days before mine 10 months ago, who had just recieved his laptop back UNFIXED. So I asked him for his number and told him I had spoken to Consumer Direct and that it had to be fixed under warranty, at this point the manager came out and I was taken to one side of the store and the other customer the other unfortunatly for them we exchanged numbers and are going to take this further.

Jake I am happy you left your number and have left a message, if there is anyone else with a similar fault please let me know as this is more then a

At this present moment PC World have agreed again to fix the screen and it is being picked up tommorrow, though I am without doubt I will be getting a call in days telling me I must pay for this. Its really about time we start standing up for our consumer rights and not allowing these companies to blatantly rip us off....

  Forum Editor 17:58 17 Oct 2007

your personal telephone number, or any other private information here, in the forum - it will result in your post being deleted.

  Forum Editor 18:16 17 Oct 2007

to recommend that consumers contact laptop manufacturers directly in cases of hardware failure. It's done because normally a supplier will not have in-house repair facilities, and it tends to speed up the process if the supplier isn't in the middle, so to speak - the machine would almost certainly have to go back to the makers in any case.

That doesn't alter the fact that your contract was with the supplier, not the manufacturer, and in law the supplier is the one who is responsible, should a fault develop within a reasonable time of purchase. The law doesn't define what 'reasonable' is in this context, but it might be as much as three or even four years in some cases. Under normal circumstances this doesn't arise, because most suppliers are under no false illusions about their responsibilities towards consumers.

Cracked laptop screens are notoriously difficult when it comes to deciding on a cause, and manufacturers will often cite a 'conditions of use' clause in their warranty terms which excludes this kind of damage. I'm not suggesting for one moment that your girlfriend did anything to make the screen crack, but it's not unknown - these screens are delicate components. A manufacturer's warranty is simply that - it's the manufacturer saying 'I make good products, and I will replace them if they fail as a result of a manufacturing defect. I won't replace them if I think that the consumer may have contributed to the damage'.

Can they say this? Yes they can, you didn't buy the computer from them, your supplier did, and you bought from the supplier - you have no contract with the manufacturer at all.

Your course of action from here on is to try to convince HP that this damage was a manufacturing fault, rather than the result of misuse, and frankly I think you may have a problem doing that. You can try to switch the onus back to PC World, but you might find that they'll resist - they may say that you burnt your bridges by agreeing to deal with HP, but it's worth a try. Tell them (PC World) that HP won't replace the screen under warranty, and that you therefore look to them for resolution under the terms of the sale of goods act.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but this is a tricky set of circumstances, and a lot may depend on how you approach both companies.

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