cpu fan speed.

  Iceman1978 01:00 18 Apr 2003

My brother bought a new pc, its a p2533, with an asus motherboard & a radeon 9700 pro, the problem is that when playing games the computer will either just crash the game randomly or restart the machine altogether, Ive tried a different graphics card and still get the same problem, I checked his cpu fan speed which is running at 2200 rpm, and the cpu running at 33 degrees, is this normal, as my 2400 fan runs at 4000 rpm.

  DEC777 01:51 18 Apr 2003

Need more info:
1. Did he buy the complete PC from site or manufacturer or store as it is??

2. If new, how new?? ---driver updates,etc.,...

3. Need to check memory which can cause this prob...

4. Temp is OK, >50 degrees C, then prob------ althought you need to see if fans at vid card and CPU are working/running well.....

5. If crashes only occur at games---high-end stuff then we need to look at software and settings so give us more info..

  -pops- 06:28 18 Apr 2003

This ought to be in Helproom. A lot of the experts in Helproom don't come here so you may be missing out on a load of good advice.


  Paperback Writer 10:57 18 Apr 2003

A Pentium 4 will "throttle" itself if the temperature gets too high so I doubt the fan is the problem. It's probably a driver issue somewhere along the line.

  Offline 11:13 18 Apr 2003

33c is a nice temp for a Cpu.

  two00lbwaster 13:36 18 Apr 2003

hmmm. 33 degrees and the fan is running at 2000rpm? how big is the fan?. i would expect it to be be at least 80mm for that speed. if its a fairly standard sized cooler then either the speed is being misreported (BIOS update may cure that) the fan is malfunctioning and the chip is underclocking(intel termed 'throttling') itself to keep cool. that would certainly be supported by games crashing and system instability.

if you can find a temp utility for windows and run that and also get wcpuid to check what speed the processor is running at whilst running windows this will help determine whether the fan is running correctly

  DieSse 14:29 18 Apr 2003

It may be a thermostatically controlled fan - I have one, and my P4 2.4GHz system has the fan speed at approx 2500 currently - I have a 2GHz Celeron here also, which is at 29º with a fan speed of 1400 approx.

It's the CPU temperature that's important, not the fan speed - and at 33º the CPU temp is just fine.

  two00lbwaster 15:01 18 Apr 2003

but how big is the fan? my xdream cooler runs at about 2500min as well i think but my amd cpu tends to get warm under load at that speed and the fan size on that is about 70-80mm in size. its variable too so goes upto 5100rpm. the npoint i was making was that it might be that the fan is supposed to run at 4000rpm but is faulty and sunning slow and thus isnt cooling properly which leads to the throttling effect by the processor to keep cool.

theres a video on tomshardware about the effects of the loss of the fans cooling ability and shows a 'bare' p4 with no heatsink or fan running at 400mhz to keep cool and still managing to run quake. the same experiment on the p3 core led to the system locking up in quake and the athlon which the experiment was aimed at burnt up melting into a molten mess

this was all i was trying to get at DieSse, that its possible the instability could be caused by this option however unlikely. i did make some other pointers some to confirm the bios's readind of the 2000rpm fan speed and the wcpuid to check the speed the processor is running at the check for any signs of throttling

  Iceman1978 00:40 19 Apr 2003

Thanks for the info, Ive been reading a long thread on asus motherboard problems,and updating the bios seemed to solve alot of the problems for most people on the thread. Ive got the lastest one from asus and im going to give it a try.

  Offline 01:56 19 Apr 2003

My Cpu fan runs around 6500 rpm & the Pc as a whole is somewhat reminiscent of a Dyson Super Root Cyclone while cleaning behind the cooker. I have fitted a harness to my chair to prevent myself being sucked into the case through the front vent slots. I sometimes wonder while looking through sites with fans & coolers on if we are not getting a little carried away with cooling.

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