mattbuck 09:42 25 Mar 2009

I have been a customer of Pc Specialist for a few years now, and on the whole they have been pretty good. However at times i think some of the staff there just don't give two hoots about their customers.

I have sent Pc's, and various items back for repair to Pc Specialist before, always well packaged as advised in the documentation they send out.

Never had a problem. The most recent thing i sent back was picked up by DHL, as arranged by Pc Specialist. They used to use City Link, but must have changed over.

I sent back a Radeon 2900xt for repair as it was under manufacturer warranty as advised by one of the customer advisers. I packaged it up in a small box, and wrapped it in many layers of bubble wrap, and surrounded the edges with foam. I was also sending back a hard drive, which was packaged in a similar fashion but with no foam.

When Pc Specialist received both items they said the 2900xt has been damaged in transit, and they contacted dhl to make a claim for me but dhl said the item was not sufficiently packaged and there was nothing pc specialist could do. They said sorry we tried, you phone them. I was shocked, anyway i phoned dhl several times. They refused to speak to me because i didn't pay for the delivery, or have an account with dhl. They said Pc Specialist must phone us. I phone back Pc Specialist, they say, sorry nothing more we can do, we can send the smashed up graphics card back to you though, so you can dispute it with dhl. I have to keep explaining to pc specialist that dhl will not speak to me despite several attempts.

I ask to speak to a manager, hes not available. Despite the advisor saying ill just ask my manager 5 minutes earlier. The sales advisor, who had a gerodie accent (i forget his name) promises his manager will call me back before close of work.

I phone again the next day, i never got called back. Speak to the same person, who remembered me but couldn't remember what i was calling about. Went through the same rubbish as yesterday, asked to speak to the manager again, put on hold, comes back manager not in the office suddently again.
The advisor says why don't you buy a second hand one off Ebay???? I cannot believe what i am hearing.

What can i do? I have never had problems like this before. We run a shop on Ebay, and fully know how to package fragile items up to avoid damamge.

Before this, i had great repsect for Pc Specialist, and have bought 3 computers from them in 3 years, with a 4th planned for next year. However i am starting to think its time to move on. I intend to spread the word about this unless it can be resolved. I am also speaking to citizens advice.

What do you guys think?

  spuds 09:52 25 Mar 2009
  mattbuck 10:01 25 Mar 2009

Thanks, am on the phone to them now.

  interzone55 10:54 25 Mar 2009

When sending anything valuable by courier I tend to photograph the packing process, then i have evidence of the state it was in before i despatched it...

  mattbuck 11:13 25 Mar 2009

Ok well after threatening them with the sale of goods act i managed to get a satisfactory result. Although why i had to go to such measures was dissapointing.

They have offered my a repaired low end card such as a 2600 pro or a 2600xt, and a lower cost new end part when i can afford one.

  mattbuck 16:26 25 Mar 2009

After finally getting to speak to Paul Crooks i am satisfied with how this has been resolved. I guess the real fault lies with DHL, rather than Pc Specialist but i was a little annoyed that there was nothing that could be done because dhl said 'its not packaged properly'.

I will be taking detailed pictures of every item i send now, if dhl are involved.

And thanks Paul, for the help.

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