Cover Disk problem

  Chejkal 00:17 12 Sep 2006

I just recently stumbled across PCA at a local newsstand and bought a copy ( I AM a regualr buyer of several other publishers products, but had never seen this item).
While the mag itself was ok at least, I was supurbly DISenchanted with the disk. On my machine ( admitedly dated Win98SE ir simply WON'T RUN! giving my no choice but to browse the directory directly.
FINE however, I have ZERO idea about registration issues and any of the other.. Mind you XP is not likely a choce here, since my OS of choice is Linux
( serveral flavors )
Moreover NONE of the alternative publishers
( Future, Magnesium and Dennis come immeadiately to mind ) cause this issue.
Should I suggest it is highly offputting in considering any further purchases, from the newstand OR subscription.

Chuck Hejkal

  spuds 10:59 12 Sep 2006

"recently stumbled across PCA at a local newsstand".

Is this a 'put down', reading your comments, it would appear so :O(

  RickyC :-) 11:02 12 Sep 2006

Hi Chuck,

The problem may not be due to the CD-ROM (or DVD), but rather your computer and its set-up.

Have you viewed the contents of the disc in Windows Explorer? If the disc doesn't autorun, open up My Computer and right-click on the relevant disc drive. Now double-click on Master.exe.

If this still doesn't bring up the disc interface, you can still view the menu pages by going to the 'Menus' folder and dragging the files there over to an open Internet Explorer window. This will allow you to view the installation instructions and registration details.

Please feel free to contact me directly using the yellow envelope to the left of my user name, and I will be happy to assist you further.

CD Editor

  Chejkal 06:09 17 Sep 2006

No putdown, just a note that like usual I discover new publications from time to time, and it was the 1st time I had run into PCA locally dispite the wide coverage several newstands or bokstores have in this area, including the local World News, and several Borders and Barnes and Nobel.

As for the disk, it read, but stalls when it autostarts Master.exe.But now knowing the menus should be readable I plan next to go directly to them. Just an aside, I tend to shy away from Windows explorer, and greatly prefer Filemaster with a minor second to Directory Opus as my alternatives, much like I strongly prefer Firefox over internet explorer as well. SOME of this comes from my yhears spent as network administrator for AT&T a while back.


  freaky 20:02 17 Sep 2006

???????? !!!!!!

  Chejkal 02:45 22 Oct 2006

Well I thought all was well when I tried issue 135, which I must say played prefectly, despite the standing problem still with 134. So I thought ok, one minor glitch. Not to be denied, I tried a copy of issue 136, ABSOLUTELY UNREADABLE in my drive, a drive that's had ZERO trouble with disc from future (SEVERAL of thier pubs, PC+ PCformat, Linux format and others mostly dvd, but not all, from Magnesium ( even in it's earlier incarnation. or even pc pro.
Methinks you have utterly awful QC or some horrible luch shipping over the pond even tho nobody else has it!


PS, the earlier mention of my background was simply to let folks know I'm hardly a beginner.

  tullie 06:17 22 Oct 2006

I find it difficult to believe that you worked as a Network Administrator for anyone.It is difficult to understand your message,and spelling is abismal.If English is not your first language,i apologise.

  dagbladet 09:20 22 Oct 2006

"...spelling is abismal"


  tullie 11:11 22 Oct 2006


  Chejkal 17:08 22 Oct 2006

little idea what they are talking about unless they chose to send flames. nor does the claim the 'cd editor' makes for direct email links hold the
least weight whe all they do is provide access to thier help page. Is this resolved? maybe should I pick the simple solution that I give business to those publishers that provide working products. That seems to completely dismiss this publisher as a potential candidate. Having been system admin for over 2 decades, as well as net admin for one of the larger internet/telco operations seems to limit the need on my part to bother with those that can not or will not attempt to read English, not hardly my second langauge unlike those that have commented.

  RickyC :-) 20:44 22 Oct 2006

Chuck - thanks for posting back on the forums - as you didn't contact me after your last posting I had hoped that you may have been able to access the contents of issue 134's DVD.

Is the problem you're encountering with the Flash menu system, or with the actual content on the disc?

We produce our CDs and DVDs to an extremely high standard, and they are manufactured by one of Europe's largest disc replication companies. Other magazines you mention in your email to me have their cover discs produced in exactly the same plant, to the same standards. The discs are tested extensively prior to replication, on several machines with different set-ups. Discs are also tested after they're delivered into my office.

Your email to me states that the disc "is UTTERLY unreadable in windows OR linux"

You may well be encountering a fault which has arisen during transit to the United States. We produce well over 100,000 discs for each issue of PC Advisor, a very small percentage of these are exported and I have had emails from a small number of Australian readers who have encountered problems.

I will be happy to send replacement discs to you, for both issues 134 and 136 - which I will test prior to despatching to your address. I am willing to do this for any readers who have a faulty disc, I probably send around 25 discs out each month to readers who have received a damaged disc or have bought the magazine without a disc being attached.

I don't understand your comment - "nor does the claim the 'cd editor' makes for direct email links hold the least weight whe all they do is provide access to thier help page".

I suggested in my previous post on this thread that you contact me by clicking the yellow envelope. You didn't contact me about your previous problem, and so I naturally assumed that you had got around that problem.

You appear to have used the yellow envelope earlier today, as I have now received a message from you.

However, I'm struggling to understand the reference you've made to providing "access to their [PC Advisor's?] help page".

kind regards


Cover Disc Editor

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