Cougar Extreme - Simply The Best!

  DavyDyMonD 21:42 07 Nov 2009

Having been using computers since 1984, and being fussy, have done all my self-builds and upgrades since around 1989. But this time I decided someone else should do the job. As such, after a lot of on-line research, I contracted Cougar-Extreme.

From the start, the service and telephone advice I got was outstanding, and it's refreshing to come across an on-line trader who doesn't gouge us with premium telephone line charges. The PC arrived on time as promised, and it looked great. After confirming that it was working OK, I opened it to install a second hard and DVD drive. The cable work of CE was beyond reproach. But I discovered that the main board they had installed was not the one I ordered. It was the equivalent, but not the brand I ordered.

I contacted them and was told that the original board had been withdrawn so they naturally replaced it with one of a similar specification. The only alternative was the next grade up of the one I wanted and it was a little more expensive. Being fussy, I agreed to pay the extra for the higher spec board and they asked me to return the PC. This was all done at their expense. But not only that - they even installed my own hard disk and DVD drive as a matter of good service. Their response to my complaint and an example of their level of service was well quoted by Mario when he said to me: "We will do whatever it takes to make you satisfied". They did much more than that. I have never experienced this high level of customer service in my life, either in the UK or in the USA where I first started computing. Thank you Mario, Daniel and Patrick. (and anyone else at Cougar). Highly, Highly Recommended.

  InTheCity 22:03 07 Nov 2009

good advert where do i sign?

  birdface 22:31 07 Nov 2009

I don't want to put a spanner in the works.
But they did the same with someone else on here during the summer.
Sent them one without the motherboard that was ordered.
To me that should be quickly rectified by a phone call to the customer explaining the problem.But no they sent it out like that.
Customer was not very happy but did not want the bother of sending it back to be replaced.
If they do not have them in stock they should not take orders from customers or explain to the customer that they are out of stock and would they like to change their order.
I have never bought a computer off them and I know that they have a very good reputation so it does make you wonder just how often this happens.

  DavyDyMonD 02:02 08 Nov 2009

To 'In TheCity': You know, it's all too easy to criticise, instead of being constructive - that takes a little more work. It was no advert - I'd expect payment for that.

As for 'buteman's' comments, I entirely agree. Cougar SHOULD have called me to explain the situation. That did peeve me a bit. But in their defence, the board they had fitted instead was actually a couple of quid dearer than the one I ordered. But there was a feature on the (Gigabyte) board which I wanted. I suspect they assumed I would not want to pay the extra for the higher specced Gigabyte board. But again, they should have called me before fitting the one they did.

In making up for their mistake, they improved my computer at extra expense to themselves. I believe that credit should be given where it is deserved.

I hope we can put this to rest now. Regards to all.

  iscanut 10:28 08 Nov 2009

As a Cougar user of 2 years, I would just like to add that they are very much worth a visit if wanting a new desktop system.

  daveeb 13:57 08 Nov 2009

The same thing happened to me nearly a year ago. I researched everything to the Nth degree including the motherboard. I opted for a Gigabyte board but received an Asrock. Yes it did annoy me a little that they didn't consult me first, but having said that the board was of a similar spec but a few pounds more expensive and i wasn't charged extra. The rest of the service was exemplary and having previously sampled the (in my opinion) woeful customer service of Mesh and Medion to name but two I can heartily recommend Cougar.

  john bunyan 14:21 08 Nov 2009

Following good reports of the "best service" from a PC supplier, My first home (as opposed to company) PC was a Dan bought in about 1994. It never broke down and lasted me untill 2006 when ,again on good service reports I bought my Evesham, which is also fine. However, both Dan and Evesham went belly up, which shows, maybe a number of points: They were very good and their products were reliable; My choice of supplier was a death knell; Maybe it is very difficult to be a Fortnum and Masons in competition to Tesco.
I hope Cougar does well and lasts a long time. Next time I buy I will seriously consider them!!

  Woolwell 16:47 08 Nov 2009

I'm not sure that they are "simply the best".

They supplied one to me that wasn't the specs ordered - close but not exact. It was faulty and noisy. I returned it and got back very promptly what I originally ordered and it has worked well since. Follow up customer service was good but I shouldn't have had to use it.

  GaT7 17:10 08 Nov 2009

I think it's customary for most PC builder companies to 'substitute any unavailable component for similar or greater spec & value'. They often include these terms in their T&Cs.

It's when they do so for one of lower spec & value, that it is annoying & the buyer has a right to feel cheated. And I agree, they should inform the customer about any changes in writing - a brief email with the change(s) is not too much to ask. G

  crazyc1 13:31 09 Nov 2009

I think I would echo what has been said on here - I would use them again, but they do seem to make subsititutions without bothering to tell the customer.
They changed the case on mine but this gave me issues with the location of the USB ports. Could not be bothered to send it back after the anticipation of waiting for the new machine, so just had to live with it.

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