cougar extreme email problems? 17:27 05 Mar 2008

hi has anyone else had problems with there emails to cougar,i ask as i sent a question to them yesterday morning and then last night and have not recieved a answer which i find strange because they have good customer service from what i have read,thanks mark

  Fennik 17:57 05 Mar 2008

This happened to me, but i had an automatic response a day later saying their mailbox was full. Call is the best option.
I am still waiting for my system, but i am hoping for delivery either today or tomorrow.

  GaT7 18:27 05 Mar 2008

I think you're expecting too much. If a company doesn't respond to an email or two within 1-2 days, one can hardly be questioning their customer service. G 18:42 05 Mar 2008

so if a maybe future customer inquires about a system and does not get a answer after 2 days you would not question it?,and please read the first post, i did not state they had bad customer service, i just stated that maybe there was a problem with there email as they had not answered me ,and from what i have read they have good customer service so thats why i thought there may be a email problem.

  Patr100 20:12 05 Mar 2008

A query I found took 3 days for reply. Acceptable but not the return one might expect by email, specially in a possible sales query.

  Cougar Extreme 21:41 05 Mar 2008

As a rule all emails should be answered within a maximum of one day unless that email requires a quote on custom build computer system which includes parts we might not usually stock, other than that all emails should be answered promptly, I will enquire tomorrow regarding unanswered emails and post a response if there is a problem, my personal golden rule is to always select “request read receipt” from my email programme so that I can at least be aware as to whether the email has been received.

Yours truly,

The Cougar Gang. 22:16 05 Mar 2008

thanks for the answer :)

  FatboySlim71 09:30 06 Mar 2008

I bought a PC from Cougar Extreme around 3 weeks ago (VERY PLEASED WITH IT BY THE WAY).

I have emailed them a number of times (last week and this week as well) regarding a small refund, but as yet I have not received a reply. I'll bear in mind Cougar Extreme regarding "request read receipt"

  FatboySlim71 11:46 06 Mar 2008

I have just gotten a reply back off Cougar about 30 minutes ago. So it would appear all is OK now, if there was indeed a fault at all. 11:58 06 Mar 2008

thanks for the answer fatboyslim

  Patr100 16:38 06 Mar 2008

You probably got a swift reply because they are no doubt monitoring this thread.

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