Cougar Extreme - Disappointing experience Part 2

  iscanut 14:33 21 Apr 2008

In the past, I have sung the praises of Cougar, but I am beginning to have second thoughts. Spent over £1000 on a new system at end of Jan. Went back a few weeks later as graphics card failed and was replaced. Had further problems over the next few weeks due to faulty memory. This was changed for two new modules. Continued to have problems so machine went back again. It has been returned to me with no advice as to what has been done so I emailed to ask for info. This was last Wednesday. No response so emailed again. Still no response so a third email has been sent and still no response. The machine appears to be OK but all I wanted to know was what problems had been found and what was done. Not much to ask is it ? I have read that they say all emails are responded to within 24 hours. Not so ! I have no problem in the way in which the faults have been dealt with, just the lack of response and discourtesy of not replying.

  Acx 16:08 21 Apr 2008

Cougar's lack of communication does seem to be becoming a reoccurring gripe on here.
Communication always seemed to be one of their strengths, it would be a shame if they let it slip.

  donki 16:50 21 Apr 2008

Id say they will go the way so many good computer companies have went in the past. The likes of MESH (who i have shopped with and would recommend) or Evesham who experience a time of providing a good service and good machines then they try to expand to quickly, taking on more than they can handle. Therefore customer service/ communication suffer.

  daveeb 10:52 22 Apr 2008

I e-mailed them a few months ago with a query and got a swift response. however I e-mailed them on Friday with a few technical questions as I'm very close to making a purchase, no answer as of Monday night but I guess they can't cover all bases all of the time. I do hope they haven't burned themselves out as their reputation to date and the system component choices are very good indeed.

  iscanut 11:15 22 Apr 2008

I did get a phone call last night from Mario, who apologised. It would seem that they are busy putting systems together and due this, perhaps their admin suffers, which is a shame.

  daveeb 19:22 22 Apr 2008


I got my reply from Mario this evening, he answered all my questions in full. No skim reading and only answering the first question like some organisations seem to do.
I'll just have to raid the kids money boxes now to see how much i can afford !

  jw100 22:01 22 Apr 2008

I was about to place an order with Cougar but changed my mind upon reading BWinks remarks (see other thread) about reconditioned drives being fitted in what was supposed to be new builds. One I could understand but not three.

  Mike D 22:27 22 Apr 2008

I don't understand the comments about reconditioned drivers (in the other thread). I have a system from Cougar - now 6 months old -which contains only brand new drives, and all the other components are top notch. Based on my experiences with Cougar I would have no hesitation in going back to them for another system.

  pc613 09:49 23 Apr 2008

I think what BWinks means in his last post is that his brother and friend have the same make of drive and could possibly be part of a bad batch from the manufacturers and could have the same fault as his.
what I do not understand is why he did not contact Cougar to replace the faulty drive under the warranty?.

  Cougar Extreme 12:53 23 Apr 2008

Again to reiterate our point on this matter. We have never knowingly purchased any components that are reconditioned, all our parts come with full manufactures warranty, we have to take at face value what has been written by BWINKS in the other thread as he has thrown his drive away, and our response regarding swapping out the drive is based on this information being correct. Without the serial number of the drives or the orange tag information of the drive we are unable to proceed with this matter further. However BWINKS says that he is willing to get his friend to contact us with the appropriate information, at this point we can look into the matter and post the response from our suppliers to this to show that if this is the case it is certainly unintentional. Our suppliers are main distributors from each component brand that we buy from.

Yours truly

Cougar Extreme.

  Cougar Extreme 12:58 23 Apr 2008

One last point, PC613 is correct in that any customer with a problem would do well to contact us first as our customer service is in our opinion exceptional, and had the serial number of his drive and a report back from the supplier verified his assumption then we would certainly have replaced the unit free of charge for a different brand hard drive and also would be able to take this matter up with our suppliers and recall all the drives in circulation.

Yours truly

Cougar Extreme.

P.s. this post is not meant to exacerbate the situation.

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