Cougar Extreme - Disappointing experience

  Patr100 16:04 18 Apr 2008

After the many rave reviews on this forum I ordered from Cougar Extreme and my base unit arrived within the week on April 3rd , However due to Cougar's error , the wrong motherboard had been fitted and the front audio ports didn't work at all.
So I phoned the next day and was told to wait til over weekend then it was collected on the following Tuesday 8th. According to Mario it was expected to be returned by Thursday or Friday that week.
But on Thursday 11th he phoned to say there was an incompatabiity between the case built in front audio and the Asrock motherboard connectors which is why they apparently wouldn't work with the case I selected . They would have to try different cases with that motherboard to find out which cases front audio worked with the motherboard then I could choose which case.
I was definitely assured this would not be a long drawn out affair and would have it resolved if not back with me by the following Tuesday 15th but I heard nothing by then so phoned and was just told they were still working on it - but expected a call back which never came. So this is now Friday afternoon 18th and they still have not returned my call. Of course I won't be getting my PC back this week.

One of the reasons I agreed to the process even after the incompatibilty was discovered was that I was assured of a swift turnover. This has not happened. It's now been back with them for over a week without it seems to me , any closer to a resolution. I have tried to be patient but I regret to say with build errors, non working parts that appeared not to have been tested before dispatch, having to take yet more time waiting in for couriers , broken assurances, now the lack of communication & still without a PC, I have grown rapidly disillusioned and disappointed with my experience so far..and it still isn't over.

I'm sure you can work out which customer I am so if you are reading this could someone from Cougar oblige by letting know what is happening?

  Cougar Extreme 22:45 18 Apr 2008

Dear Sir,
As you are aware we are able to conclude which customer you are, and although I am not currently at work to check your notes fully regarding this case I am partially aware of the situation. An integrated version of the motherboard was fitted into your configuration instead of a Full Size motherboard of the Asrock brand selected. I agree this was an oversight and unfortunate and I was aware that your machine was picked up the next available day. When you computer arrived the correct motherboard was fitted but due to this motherboard being the same brand as the integrated motherboard, the inability of the front audio ports to work was still apparent.
We have concluded that this is due to the wiring of the front ports on the motherboard being different to that of the case, I know that front ports of similar priced cases and design were then tested on the motherboard to see if we had a case that would work and hopefully meet with your approval. No current case in stock of the same sort of price has worked.
I know that after looking for motherboards of the same sort of price which we carry in stock in an attempt to change the motherboard brand to one more compatible, no available board was available within the price range, therefore we have ordered in different brands of motherboards in an attempt to resolve the incompatibility, I know that we are currently working on fitting an ASUS motherboard to your machine in an attempt to resolve this issue for you, if this works there will be no addition charge for the upgrade as this is the least we can be expected to do in this situation.
I will openly admit that if there has been a lack of communication then I would like to forward to you a public apology. I will raise your concern tomorrow when I am at work and attempt you get you a definite return date of your computer. I would also like to offer you my apology for any inconvenience we have caused you and any duress we may have put you under and guarantee you my full commitment to your issue when I return to work in the morning.

Yours truly,

Customer Service – The Cougar Gang.

  BWinks 12:47 19 Apr 2008

Our hard drive packed up about 3 weeks after the system was received. I went to the manufacturer’s website to raise this issue with them and they asked for the serial number. When I gave them that they said my drive was reconditioned and that I would have to return it to the supplier. I binned it and bought one from Ebuyer.

  kingisangus 12:53 19 Apr 2008

Was this a brand new machine you bought? Were you given the option of having reconditioned parts to lower the cost or did you believe you were getting all new components?

  Patr100 17:15 19 Apr 2008

Ok Mario called this morning and explained the situation. Seems they have found an ASUS board that will work, the issue to do with many budget cases front audio conections not being compatible with the Hi Def sound of the more recent ASrock boards . I appreciate their efforts in trying to resolve the issue, as I mentioned , a quick phone call earlier would have helped a lot but hopefully I will have my PC by Tuesday.

  Cougar Extreme 02:48 20 Apr 2008

I am sorry to hear that you had a problem with your hard drive and had to purchase a replacement form elsewhere. Kingisangus - Bwinks machine would have been a brand new machine, and he would not have been offered a reconditioned drive in an attempt to make it cheaper, and should have been under the impression that all the components in his machine would be new unused parts. This is due to the fact that we never knowingly and in good consonance ever purchased reconditioned parts. A large part of our sales is made up of Gaming Rigs, which we would never be able to trust as reliable if any of the parts were reconditioned. All of our suppliers are recognised specific distributors; our processors, motherboards etc are purchased from suppliers recommended by each products distributors listed on their appropriate websites. We do not purchase parts of small independent suppliers only mainstream suppliers. The only way I can think of that this could have happened is if an item has been returned to a supplier as faulty and been replaced with a reconditioned part without our knowledge. I can assure you that if you still have the part we would be more than willing to have this investigated, as it does not look good on our part. We have been more than lucky on PCADVISORS website to receive glowing reports from the majority of customers that have posted on here. We are certainly concerned to hear that a part supplied has performed badly or is sub standard.
Patr100’s machine is now resolved, and as explained earlier the fault is due to the high definition front audio ports of this board being incompatible with the non high definition audio connectors of the case ordered. We have resolved this issue by upgrading the customer to a more advanced motherboard at no extra cost, which is the sort of service we expect to be able to deliver to our customers. The lack of communication with the customer is unacceptable and has been addressed but the issue with the board and case is one that was unforeseen. I myself am embarrasses on behalf of Cougar Extreme that we have fallen short of the expectations of both these customers but can assure you all of our best intentions and that the points raised here will help us to learn from our mistakes and progress to improving our service in the long run.

Yours truly

Red Faced Cougar Boys.

  Kemistri 03:08 20 Apr 2008

It worries me to read that a system builder is capable of providing a base unit whose chosen motherboard is incompatible with the chosen case. That shouldn't be able to happen. It is a simple job to ensure that the options on the website prevent the selection of incompatible combinations.

  acfc 08:32 20 Apr 2008

Mistakes happen with any company however this kind of positive response from Cougar Extreme is exactly why people will return to a company despite the od difficulty.

Compare this to the posts about PC Options???

  Acx 10:10 20 Apr 2008

I totally agree.

Things go wrong. Anyone that says they get it right 100% of the time are either talking rubbish or are just good at blaming other people. I was quite impressed by the fact that Cougar Extreme at least took the blame

'I myself am embarrasses on behalf of Cougar Extreme that we have fallen short of the expectations of both these customers'

You wouldn't get too many companies writing that, or writing a replay at 22:45 on a Fri promising to look into it the next day, that along with the in depth explanations as to what happened would get me to use them.

  Kemistri 17:22 20 Apr 2008

It is not about mistakes. It is about not taking simple steps to prevent the selection of incompatible parts when placing an unassisted order.

  Kemistri 17:23 20 Apr 2008

The attitude and dedication seen here is laudable, but a little more sophistication in the website would make things better for all concerned.

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