Cougar Extreme - Delivery, how does it work?

  SeanUK 13:15 14 Apr 2008

Hey Guys,

As some of you may be aware I placed an order with Cougar Extreme on the 2nd of April, this order was proccessed and paid for on the the 3rd.

I was just wondering, when I should expect to take delivery and how Cougar handles this.

By my working out, my PC should have arrived on Friday. (Seven working days, excluding weekends,bank holidays and day of order)

I'm not entirely sure if "Day of Order" would be the 2nd, or 3rd.

(if any previous customers could clear that up, would be appreciated)

I contacted cougar during the week querying the status of my order, and recieved a friendly and informative reply from their support team.

In the E-Mail, I was told I would recieve an E-Mail and tracking number as soon as my PC left "the shop"

It's Monday afternoon, and I had hoped I would get my hands on my new PC today. Problem is, I'm yet to recieve a tracking number or E-Mail confirming dispatch. That leads me to believe that I may in fact be out of luck, and won't be getting my paws on my new PC today.

I've sent another E-Mail to Cougar today just to get an update on things, today being the 7/8th working day since I ordered.

I was just wondering if anybody with previous dealings with Cougar Extreme/Cougar Systems could enlighten me on exactly how they operate with regards to delivery.

Do they contact you beforehand?

Did your PC arrive on time?

...stuff like that...

This isn't a "complaint thread" in any shape or form, so far I've had a positive experience with Cougar and just hope I will see my system soon.

Many thanks

- Sean

  Scorpion Bay 14:20 14 Apr 2008

It may be the case that if you cusotm built the PC, one of the components may be out of stock, so they're having to wait for more stock.

My Cougar PC arrived by Amtrak, and I was told what day it would arrive. I didn't bother tracking it, as it's a quick process. Amtrak have to take it to their central hub (wherever that is) and then send it out to you, so they'll have it for about 2 days before you get it. It turned up when I was told it would though.

A word of advice - I know their website says this, but make sure you write 'unchecked' on the delivery note. Amtrak managed to drop my PC and smash a lot of it and the lady at Amtrak wouldn't talk to me until I said I'd done this.

  Ashrein 14:26 14 Apr 2008

Why dont you just phone Cougar,I'm sure they will be able give you all the answers you require.

  tillybaby 14:27 14 Apr 2008


My computer arrived on about the fifth day after I'd ordered it. Cougar contacted me via my e-mail address with all the details of delivery, when to expect it etc. It did arrive on the day they stated too,

Why not give the guys a ring instead of e-mailing them and then you can get information straight away instead of keep checking your e-mail box.

  SeanUK 14:28 14 Apr 2008

Hi Guys,

Cougar were nice enough to ring me shortly after I sent my E-mail. Can't fault them for that :) Apparently, it will be with me tommorow. Great Stuff.

Good Job Cougar :)

  Cougar Extreme 20:30 14 Apr 2008

Hi guys, I thought I would just quickly post a response to this question as it may not be that clear on our website. All orders are shipped as a rule by the seventh working day unless we can ship it sooner. In the event of shipping all customers are to be emailed with a tracking number and an additional reminder to sign for their parcel with the words unchecked written by their signature. In the event that a parcel is supposed to be shipped on a Friday then this parcel is automatically shipped on a Monday for Tuesday, the reason for this is we have experienced increase damage to our parcels when left with the couriers over a weekend and therefore ship on Mondays for Tuesday delivery to limit couriers contact with our machines to one day.

I hope this helps.

The Cougar Gang.

  paddy75 20:48 14 Apr 2008

SeanUK,good to hear from Cougar,i am thinking of buying from them myself, let us know how you are getting on with it when you set it up.Paddy

  FatboySlim71 22:28 14 Apr 2008

I received my PC 8 days after placing the order. On the seventh day I received an email from Cougar Extreme telling me that my order was dispatched and who it would be delivered by and also a tracking number.

Good advice about signing UNCHECKED, as with some couriers if you sign with just your signature you are basically signing to say that you have received the item in good condition and if later you discover damage you can sometimes have problems claiming. I know if I have had a delicate item delivered I always sign UNCHECKED.

I think you will be happy paddy75 with your computer if you purchase from Cougar, there a fantastic firm to deal with and also you have got a hell of a lot of customisation options available when choosing your desired computer. I know I have never dealt with a PC manufacturer that give me that level of customisation.

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