Cougar Extreme Computers - anyone?

  MickyStarr 13:55 05 Dec 2006

I'm very tempted to purchase on new PC system off these guys, but I wondered if anyone has heard of them before?
click here
I've searched the web for any information on them, but cannot find anything. The system I'm thinking of getting is:
AMD Dual Core X2 5000 AM2 64.
250Gb S-ATA Drive.
2Gb RAM - DDR2 667 MHZ (2x1024).
256Mb 7600GT Nvidia GDDR3 - SLI DVI etc.
2xDVD+/- re writers.
No floppy drive.
Intergrated Soundcard.
Windows XP Home inc SP2.
No Monitor or keyboard or mouse.

Comes in (inc VAT + delivery) for a very respectful £700.

I can't really find anyone else that would do a good deal like this. I'm after the AMD 5000 only. Dell do offer the same PC spec, although a bit different as their RAM is only 533MHZ and it comes with a 19" monitor all for £792. I'm not intersted in the monitor though as I'm after an 19" widescreen LCD TV to use as a monitor, suppose I could flog the Dell monitor on eBay...

But anyway, if anyone has any info on Cougar, I'd be grateful to hear from you, or maybe your thoughts on which PC to purchase...


  harps1h 19:12 05 Dec 2006

look at their faq's also and you will see they charge a 3% charge on all credit card payments

  g0nvs 20:03 05 Dec 2006

I live two minutes walk from them. A very reputable company, have used them for years.

  Wizards_Sleeve 22:24 05 Dec 2006

I think someone needs to get a dictionary for that contact page!! Looks like a 10 year old put it together!! You also need to send in an old credit card bill??!!! Q10 of FAQ

  [email protected] 22:53 05 Dec 2006

But either they need help setting up a website or could do with a refresher course in spelling.

Then again maybe English is not their first language?

  MickyStarr 11:21 06 Dec 2006

Thanks for your replies. I think maybe if like g0nvs, I lived within a two minute walk from their premises, I may have gone with them.

Although there are grammar/spelling mistakes on their web site, I suppose it doesn't make their PC systems shoddy as well, but I think it's best to maybe go with Dell.

Thanks again.

  Kate B 11:43 06 Dec 2006

I'm possibly being snooty but I think if a businesses can't get simple things like building a literate website right then I'm not sure I'd trust it with anything more important, like my money. The website is a mess and I'm surprised the company doesn't care more about that.

There are plenty of good, well-established places to buy a PC from. Why risk your money?

  g0nvs 17:26 06 Dec 2006

Granted their web site has spelling mistakes, but they are a reputable company and have been trading for many years in this area. I live within walking distance of three computer shops, this one being best for service by a mile.Don't judge a book by it's cover.

  Wizards_Sleeve 17:56 06 Dec 2006

But if the cover is the only thing you have to judge it by, then it needs to be a good one!!

  MickyStarr 11:10 07 Dec 2006

I am a bit concerend about Q10 id the FAQ as pointed out by Wizards_Sleeve.

I can understand them wanting to do checks, but I'm not going to send them one of my old credit card bills. In this day and age we have to be careful ourselves as to what we do and do not divulge.


  Kate B 12:27 07 Dec 2006

Yes, that's another reason to be a bit wary of that company.

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