Cougar Extreme

  inmymind 20:55 27 Jul 2008

Hi, Looking for a pc base unit for some friends. Need it for general use, internet, storing & editing photos and videos, light gaming, music, etc.. Seen this at cougar systems. posted on this last week, slightly tweaked since then.

Intel core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 GHz 6Mb Cache,
4Gb Corsair Memory DDR2 800 2 x 2gb single modules,
500GB SATA Hard Drive, ,
X-Clio Propeller Midi Tower,
Colors 550Watt Silent Upgrade,
512Mb 8800GT PCI express,
QC - ASUS P5N-ESLI 1333fsb-DDR800x4 SLI motherboard (Dual graphics),
DVD+/- RW - 18X Samsung Lightscribe,
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 PCI 7.1,
Trust SP-3850 Speakers, ,
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premiem (OEM),
Wireless Network Adapter


  citadel 21:56 27 Jul 2008

i would change the psu for a corsair or tagan

  inmymind 21:58 27 Jul 2008

really? any particular reason?

  citadel 22:06 27 Jul 2008

system stability + efficiency.

  Horik 22:40 27 Jul 2008

Gotta say I opted for this when I bought my system, then got a bit worried when I read a few sites about dodgy psus (the colors wasn't mentioned specifically, but it's cheap and Chinese).
But I've been pleasantly suprised by it so far - works efficiently and quietly, no problems at all.

  inmymind 09:14 28 Jul 2008

think i'll stick with it, unless there's a really good reason not too, upgrade is about £50 more.

  JYPX 10:25 28 Jul 2008

inmymind - As I am sure you are aware, the side of this case is just 1 huge fan - more than 14 inches in diameter! (I guess that is why it is called Propeller....).
Nothing wrong with that of course, but have your friends seen the case?
click here

  inmymind 10:40 28 Jul 2008

Good point, might go for the coolermaster 69R5 Black Super instead. i'll check with them.

  inmymind 11:49 28 Jul 2008

Yep, going for the coolermaster. Cheers JYPX, good thinking.

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