Cougar Are Wonderful

  ronalddonald 15:42 01 May 2008

I ordered my Computer last week and i picked up today the 1st May 2008. I Drove all the way there from London. The staff are extremely friendly and wonderful. The guy who brought my computer heleped me place into my car,, when i got home everything running smothly with no problmes. Everything works fine. Cougar are and always will be the best on the market and no one out there can beat them. Well Done Cougar first class service, i didnt get to see Mario but never mind i had good time picking up the computer. Easy to set up and like i said everything running great.

  tullie 16:36 01 May 2008

Pass me the sick bucket.

  Ashrein 17:53 01 May 2008

tullie.- There is no need for comments like that.

  belfman 20:56 01 May 2008

An emotional, strong, positive response for Cougar.


Best on market and no one can beat them.

Yeah right. There's a multitude of companies out there doing just that.... the post is a bit OTT for what appears to be a bog standard transaction. I'd have been impressed if their staff drove all the way to your house to deliver and set it up FOC.

  Picklefactory 00:04 02 May 2008

Not everyone goes to the trouble of praising good service, but plenty (Myself included) will go to the trouble of complaining loudly and publicly about poor service. Could have been a one off, good bit of service from Cougar(Although other posts on PCA certainly suggest otherwise), but whilst the degree of praise may not be to everyone's agreement, at least you took the trouble to state your personal satisfaction.
Fair play to you.

  Acx 01:28 02 May 2008

'I Drove all the way there from London'.

Good on you, its the sort of thing I would of done before I turned into Victor Meldrew, now-er days I would sit there staring out of the window and looking at the clock (if that's possible)while moaning that they finally delivered it at 12:01 when they promised a morning delivery.

Nice to see someone excited about something for once.

  tillybaby 19:15 02 May 2008

Well I too can only agree with Ronalddonald,

I have had to phone them twice now and both times I have received nothing but the utmost courtesy and respect from them which unfortunately isn't always the response we get of other places. I think it's lovely that people go to the trouble of praising a firm instead of only giving negative comments.

  FatboySlim71 08:18 06 May 2008

I agree, its good to hear of the good experiences, as a hell of a lot of the time on this forum and elsewhere we just hear of when things go wrong.

If we hear both sides (good & bad) it gives others a better insight into what a particular company is like.

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