Corsa Automatic anyone?

  Graham. 20:22 22 Sep 2007

I have a 6 month old Corsa Automatic. 3 weeks ago, I could not get out of Park. The link to the brake pedal had failed.

As it was undrivable, the AA recovered it back to the dealer, and took me to pick up a courtesy car from a hire company.

The dealer contacted Vauxhall, who advised changing the shift mechanism. The part was ordered.

It soon became clear this was going to be a long process - the item was on 'back-order', meaning they don't have any.

OK, I have the use of a car, but it's a basic model. Mine is top of the range.

Do I have any options, apart from sitting it out?

  wee eddie 20:33 22 Sep 2007


I think it unlikely that there isn't one in a Scrappie somewhere. It'll be an Insurance Write-off, so their Database will tell you.

  Graham. 20:40 22 Sep 2007

Good thinking, but it's a new gearbox developed for the car, only became available last November. It may be a design weakness, and there are other people in the same boat (but not now in the same car).

  wee eddie 22:04 22 Sep 2007

a Break Pedal Linkage, rather than a Gear Box.

  Graham. 23:31 22 Sep 2007

It's an electrical fail-safe, you have to press the brake to shift out of Park.

And you have to shift to Park to take the ignition key out.

  John B 07:50 23 Sep 2007

I'd very nicely ask them for a higher-spec car.

  Graham. 09:35 23 Sep 2007

I have tried, but the car rental is arranged through the AA Relay Plus system. It took them 7 days to get an automatic, it had to be brought from 97 miles away. I know, because that was the mileage on a brand new car.

The chances of getting a rental car with Cruise Control, Climate Control and Computer Display in this country are slim.

  961 10:20 23 Sep 2007

Long time ago I had a similar problem on a Ford Cortina automatic. It happened in the car park at Scratchwood services on the M1 on a business journey and much delving into the top of the gear shift established that poor electrical contact was the cause

The authorised way is to contact Vauxhall yourself if you have not already done so to establish, first, how long this situation is going to last (and where you are in the queue) and, second, what Vauxhall are going to do for you personally, if necessary by finding the name of a high up with clout

The unofficial fix that I applied was to improvise a full time completion of the electrical circuit until a new switch could be obtained, but in these days of health and safety regulations that is no doubt impossible now the car is at back at the dealer

  Graham. 11:12 23 Sep 2007

I have contacted Vauxhall using an on-line system. I have also obtained a number for Customer Care from the Dealer, which I shall call in the morning.

  Falkyrn 11:31 23 Sep 2007

You will likely get nothing from Vauxhall .... The replacement / courtesy car is really supplied by the dealer who would charge vauxhall under the terms of your warranty ..... it might be better to take it up with the dealership

  Forum Editor 11:35 23 Sep 2007

have a small plastic cap on the console near the shift lever. If you ping the cap off with a knife you see a small slot, into which you can insert the car key (or anything else that's small enough) and push. This manually releases the park lock, and you can shift to neutral, start the sngine, and drive away.

Anything like that on your car?

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