Core 2 Processors???

  2drewej 22:46 01 Jan 2007

hi , i was just wandering why core 2 duo processors cost more than others like the Pentium d 820 (dual core) but have a much lower clock speed.

for example a core2duo e6300 has 2 cores @ 1.86GHz each but a pentium d 820 has 2 cores @ 2.8ghz...

the core2duo is about £115 while the pd820 is only about £80??

  lisa02 23:01 01 Jan 2007

It's not just about clock speed.

  sean-278262 02:23 02 Jan 2007

Core2duo are much faster than anything else on the market. Processors are a mix of many things with the clock speed. Cache, process and design among other things all effect the overall power.

  ardubbleyu 08:22 02 Jan 2007

Core 2 Duo is a new product with a much improved architecture, Pentium D's are older designs. If your question relates to buying either one or t'other, there really is no competition, Despite the 'lower' clock speeds, the C2D will outperform the Pentium D's in most cases.

  2drewej 10:11 02 Jan 2007

dont you think this is a rather good deal then - it has a core2 duo processor and is under £300?

click here

  lisa02 10:18 02 Jan 2007

Yeah it is but it has delivery and collect at store crossed out with red X's.

  The Brigadier 14:56 02 Jan 2007

Which is better though Intel dual core or AMD dual-Core?

  Probabilitydrive 15:35 02 Jan 2007

I had a high spec AMD until recently and my system runs a core2duo. Intel wins hands down anytime. But it all depends on your needs click here

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