Cordless keyboard and mouse

  Doug29 22:06 22 Apr 2005

I've decided to join the 21 st century and upgrade to a wireless keyboard and mouse. I would be grateful for any advice on what to buy. Is it worth paying extra for a rechargeable mouse?

  weedode 23:07 22 Apr 2005

If you use the mouse a lot ( very frequently ) YES is the answer. When I first used a wireless mouse the batteries lasted less than a fortnight !

  Pooke100 23:16 22 Apr 2005

Don't like 'em. I have changed my set up 3 times in four months, I now have a decent quality media keyboard and mouse from logitech (corded).

Much less hassles too, unless your gonna get the benefit of moving the mouse and keyboard around alot I can't see the point.

Wouldn't bother buying a rechargeable one, the microsoft mice for example boast longer battery life, upto three months, just use the likes of the Duracell M3's they've a higher ma than normal batteries.


  james55 23:50 22 Apr 2005

I have had a Logitech cordless Keyboard and mouse for at least two years and have never had any problems.

The Mouse lasts for ages, It takes two triple A's.

I use re-chargeable batteries, but keep a few Duracell batteries as backup while re-charging with result I never do without.

I think most problems come from where they are located.

Having said that my Logitech cordless optical USB
Mouse for my laptop seems to work any where without problems.

  S@ndr@ 05:19 23 Apr 2005

I have been using one of these for three years now and it's the best thing I ever bought for my pc,the batteries are rechargeable and once you have used a wireless optical mouse you won't ever want any other here

  georgemac © 07:51 23 Apr 2005

I use a logitech cordless mouse - I use rechargeable batteries and have to change them frequently.

I would go for a rechargeable mouse, and whatever you do, do not but the cheapest, ensure you get a quality bit of kit. Microsoft and logitech are excellent, trust products highlighted above are also very good.

I installed one I had not seen before for a firend, the quality was very good, if I can find out what type it was I will post details.

  spuds 15:44 23 Apr 2005

Never regretted the move to a cordless mouse,but as others have suggested, get and use rechargable batteries, and keep fully charged spares on hand.

  wallbash 15:49 23 Apr 2005

Rechargeable are fine but take it to the next step, buy a system with a docking system.

My choice Logitech, ( but then there is not much choice... at the higher end. As microsoft don't seem to do a wireless/optical docker)

  The Regster 19:22 23 Apr 2005

I have one of these click here and have had no regrets (see other reviews for testimonials - most when it was £60 - now in PCW for £20).

The mouse is perfectly adequate and the batteries last about a month (daily usage). I have a stock pile of AA's so use these rather than rechargeables.

Keyboard feels good to type on - but the signal can be an issue. It can miss keystrokes if you get more than 24" from the receiver (less than the claimed 3') - so make sure that you have some means of maintaining the receiver close(ish) to the keyboard. If you are currently using a wired set-up this is unlikely to be a problem.

The biggest benefit for me is that you can move the keyboard right away from the desk without having to unplug it - this can free up room on the work surface for non-computing tasks very easily.

For the price, I have been well impressed.

  Stuartli 21:23 23 Apr 2005

The Regster's link seems to offer an excellent buy.

Most keyboard and mouse kits are rebadged A4Tech products (a high quality Taiwanese based company whose products are usually produced in China).

I used a Typhoon rebadged set for two or three years (Trust offered the same but twice the price at £39.99), but recently bought one of the Silvercrest kits at Lidl which includes a wireless optical mouse (£19.99 again).

The keyboard and mouse are both of excellent quality and, yet again, appear to be rebadged A4Tech products.

Check out whether you can spot your rebadged keyboard and mouse kit at:

click here

It has recently announced the first batteryless wireless mouse - details on its home page.

  marjted 23:34 23 Apr 2005

Wallbash has the right idea. Look for a mouse which has a re-charging cradle then no problem re batteries running low.

I recently replaced my earlier Aldi set up (with re-chargeable cradle) with the Logitech OEM Rechargable Cordless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse for about £30 from Ebuyer. Excellent.

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