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  Starfox 22:44 23 Jun 2004

Bought the game Painkiller as it was given high ratings in the Pc press and although it innstalled without problems it just would not run and reverted back to desktop every time.

Tried the game website and downloaded all required patches,checked my pc had ample specs and more than enough memory all to no avail.I posted on various game forums for help and even tried the games technical support line and this is the outcome---"there is a known problem with the copyright protection on the game cd and certain makes of cd drives-this causes the game not to run".My cd drive is a Ricoh 5125 so if you want to play this game make sure you don't have this cd drive.

My point is that unless I change my cd drive I can't use this software because of over zealous copyright protection or am I missing something here.

Regards Starfox.

  gudgulf 23:31 23 Jun 2004

Do you have a dvd drive?

Only my view , but with the price of cd drives I'd buy a compatible one.I enjoyed playing Painkiller a lot and I reckon it would be worth adding another drive--Good excuse to add a dvd burner??????

  Forum Editor 00:24 24 Jun 2004

to a games fix site, not so much because I want to be a wet blanket but because the site contains files that are infected. I detected the Trojan Revop almost immediately.

This highlights one of the reasons we're so strict about not allowing links to warez sites or those that focus on software cracks - almost inevitably they are a prime source of virus infections.

  Wilham 16:47 24 Jun 2004

For Ricoh 5125 bother it may help to click here

  Starfox 17:05 24 Jun 2004

Thanks for that F.E,I did see the posting before you deleted it but I chose not to use it.Thanks for the link Wilham but I am afraid that is all too much for my simple brain which still leaves me with software I cannot use because of copyright protection,the supplier was not obliged to refund me as"it works fine on our test pc"so it,s a case of you pay your money and loose out no matter what.Now what to do.

  duckers 17:32 24 Jun 2004

Once again, (as in music copy protection) this is becoming a hurdle to people enjoying something they have paid for to its full extent.
Why dont software companies either create a protection that works or dont bother, we recently purchased splinter cell: pandora tommorow which, upon installation, detected we were running Clone CD (my favourite backup tool) and wouldnt let us run the game! I purchased CloneCD and spliner cell legitimately and in my eyes and should be able to use them together.

Same as with music, why cant I listen to dido or celine dion on my PC? (not that I would anyway) but I buy something and expect it to be fit for the purpose of which I bought it.

I remember a few years ago my mate humoured me with a story, he made at least one backup copy of all his games 'just incase', he bought one of the mech warrior games (published by microsoft), tried to back it up and found it had a copy protection that his CD recorder could not handle so didnt bother, a few weeks later he was playing it, heard the CD drive containing the disk spin up then a cracking noise,, the CD had shattered inside the drive destroying itself and the drive, he contacted MS about it and they said he "should have made a backup copy" and to obtain a new copy he could send them £18 for a replacement CD if he wanted to. He didnt. He did however have to buy a new CD drive that the disk had taken out...

  Wilham 17:39 24 Jun 2004

Starfox: I suggest
i) Check your Ricoh reads and writes other CD's
ii) Check the requirements for Painkiller in the link below.
iii) Not a solution, but check recommendations in the same below link.

I also had trouble with my Ricoh 5125 on CD read and write. I had two DVD drives and I think there was a clash between shared s/w. In the end I lost patience and gave he Ricoh to one of my sons.

Worth you going through these three checks though. click here

  Starfox 21:38 24 Jun 2004

Tried all your suggestions Wilham i)drive works fine with all other cd's ii)all specs exceed Painkiller requirements iii)checks out fine again.So now it seems that I've paid £25 for a coaster (well 3 actually,it's a 3 cd set).

  rickf 22:34 24 Jun 2004

TRy depressing the shift key when you are loading the CD. See if it works. Worth a try.

  Starfox 23:46 24 Jun 2004

Thanks rickf,makes no difference at all but worth a try as you said.I suppose I could write this one off to experience but £25 is too much for me to throw away.Any other suggestions folks or should I try the PNS system(polite-NASTY-Solicitors).

Regards Starfox.......

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