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  dms05 11:25 29 Aug 2007

I'm trying to set up a new phone line in an apartment in a recently converted house. I managed initially a month ago to talk to BT on 0800 800 150 and requested service from 17 August. BT immediately sent me an invoice claiming service started 5 August which is impossible as BT hasn't a wire connecting to the property. My problem however is I can't contact BT again. I've rung 0800 800 150 at least 3 times a day for 20 days and even stayed on the line for 45 minutes but I'm always in a queue no matter what time I call (08.00 to 22.00). I've written to BT at the address on the invoice. No response. I've emailed BT from their contact email page on their web site. No response. I've even written to the Office of the Chairman. No response. Does anyone know how you contact BT?

  Slim Shady 13:04 29 Aug 2007

I feel for you, dms05.

I tried getting a phone put into my new flat. Initial contact made on 16th June - still no phone line but a nice bill from them which will remain unpaid. Contacting them is a nightmare! I e-mailed them through their site on July 18th and got a reply on August 6th saying "If however, you still do require assistance, please let us know by replying with 'Please Respond Urgently' on the Subject line." I did this AND I even gave tham a nice definition of what the word 'urgently' means. Guess what? No response thus far...

I also wrote to Jillian Lewis (their customer services head) - no response. This was a while ago now. Notice a pattern developing here? Their CS department is a joke and a farce! In one e-mail I got from them they tried to blame the flooding for the incompetence!

It's easy to contact their sales team. How very strange…

  961 16:39 29 Aug 2007

Chairman's Office 0207 356 5000

  tullie 16:59 29 Aug 2007

BT are not morons,maybe some of their employees are,just working folk like you and me trying to do a job

  PalaeoBill 19:32 29 Aug 2007

It would appear that the fault lies with a new system.
click here

Calling them morons is a tad strong, but I agree that the certain someone who allowed a new system to be rolled out and either didn't allow for a rollbackup or didn't implement one, was a tad foolish.

  Slim Shady 21:25 29 Aug 2007

If you'd had my experience(s) with them, maybe you'd think differently. Obviously they don't care about the "little people" in Pembrokeshire, do they? I live about 7 miles from the woman featured in the article in PalaeoBill's link.

  spuds 23:06 29 Aug 2007

Bad customer service is bad for everyone especially the consumer. But in the case of BT, at least they use a freephone number, not an 0870 like some or most ISP'S.In that particular case, I hate to think what the bill could have been.

  Slim Shady 09:27 30 Aug 2007

Yes, it's a freephone number but what good is that if nobody ever answers? Also, on the odd occasion somebody does answer - if you haven't fallen asleep for being on hold in a queue for hours - they don't know anything or never pass your details on to someone who does.

Obviously they make enough money to not care.

If I had run a business from home, I'd now be signing on leeching off the state due to the stupidity displayed at all levels of this organisation.

  dms05 10:48 30 Aug 2007

I think you have to view the organisation differently to its empolyees. BT is moronic. The employees are employees of a moronic operation. Poor people.

I have now managed to talk to BT. In fact twice in 24 hours. The first experience was my worse fear. I eventually made contact at 20.45 and gave them my account number and was told 'the help desk for that enquiry closed ay 20.00' after the recorded message said 'please call back after 8pm'. I think moronic is an understatement of any organisation that can be so insensitive.

Today I set my alarm for 06.00 and as the help desks open at 07.00 (or at least claimed to open) I called at 06.55. 'Please call back after 07.00' was the message. By the 07.00 time check on Radio 4 I dialled 0800 800 150 and received the message 'we are very busy please call back later'. I hung on for 94 minutes, until 08.34 and reached a very pleasant young lady who could answer my questions and who said all was solved - I await the proof of that but its a start.

So call the instant the help desk opens and wait one and a half hours. Terrific customer service. Of course it helps with the £3 billion profit if you don't address complaints and still pocket the money.

I can't wait for the day when I can have a telephone line without paying the BT Line Tax. Maybe BT will take some notice when this is finally an option.

  Slim Shady 12:15 30 Aug 2007

Hope it all gets sorted for you. I'll try 7am on Saturday.

  tullie 13:41 30 Aug 2007

I bet this sites got its fair share too,its life.

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