Consumer wins in the end - at considerable cost, however

  Forum Editor 18:50 26 Mar 2014

This story is worth reading

It shows how the old saying that 'when you're right you're right' doesn't always bring total satisfaction. This man won his case, but it cost him a great deal in terms of money and stress. He persevered for 16 years, which in my experience is quite exceptional. I take my hat off to him.

  john bunyan 20:34 26 Mar 2014


I totally agree. I had not realised (I should have, I suppose) that where goods are faulty and returned for a refund, the finance deal can still be enforced. Luckily I wait and save for things I need, but this is a salutary lesson for those who buy on credit to be very careful on this issue.

  Nontek 22:10 26 Mar 2014

Serves him right - reminds me of the story of the dog with a bone in its jaws who thought that the bone in his reflection in a river looked bigger so opened his mouth to grab the bigger bone, losing the good bone he had.

  spuds 00:15 27 Mar 2014

This sort of thing in not an isolated case by any means, because it happens on a far to frequent basis, which the public rarely hear about, unless the media decide to publish.

Take for instance section 75 of the Credit consumer Act, and see what that states, yet I wonder how many people have been refused help or assistance by the finance house who initially provided the loan. I myself have used section 75 on three occasions, two of those I was met with a first initial response that the problem was nothing to do with the finance provider. I could have easily have walked away from that, assuming that the finance provider was correct, because I believed that they knew the law and regulations, and were honest enough to comply . But I didn't walk away, I challenge the finance provider's and received an apology with immediate action.

Perhaps going off subject slightly, but the amount of time this person spent dealing with his problem, is also nothing new, because there are a number of incidents that have gone on for far longer, due to the legal procedures and the hard task of getting the appropriate action, or having the financial or legal backing to pursue a claim. Take the case of a Norfolk couple whose life was ruined due to a council's injustice. I believe it took 22 years before they get any justice, but in that time it took its toll on the couple, so "when you're right you're right" might be the case, its the process of achieving that which can be the killer and might often do so.

  BRYNIT 09:28 27 Mar 2014

It's an interesting store but what puzzles me is why he himself appealed against the size of the damages in 2008. It may have been over quicker if he just accepted the amount.

  wee eddie 10:11 27 Mar 2014

"ened" had a similar problem a couple of years ago. All came down to not reading/understanding the T&C's

  rickf 12:17 27 Mar 2014

It does however set a precedent that is important to consumers. That is Credit companies cannot automatically put a black mark on your credit rating. Lots of people have their credit ratings damaged by such behaviour causing immense financial difficulties for the recipient. They now have to justify what they do. I take my hat off to him.

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