consumer rights?

  restless 15:20 20 Dec 2007

On 11th dec I placed order for a laptop at the bt online shop,on the 14th I was emailed to say goods would be dispatched by close of business and I would receive email to say goods were dispatched,by saturday I had not got this email so checked in account where order status was complete and shipped.I emailed them on wednesday to say I hadnt received goods or email to which im still waiting on a reply.Yesterday i used their online chat service to query the order where I was told it was ready to ship that night,I asked why it was showing as shipped in my account and the reply was he new nothing about that?I have emailed them again and still no response getting rather annoyed as its now nine days since order was placed and item might not even be shipped.Any advice on what I should do?

  john bunyan 15:43 20 Dec 2007

In future always endorse your order " Time is the essence of the Contract" . Then you can cancel if the goods are late. I do this on furniture where there are delays sometimes. In your case you can only try to talk to the "Organ Grinder", not the "Monkey" - ie try to get the boss on to it !

  Forum Editor 19:46 20 Dec 2007

allows an online retailer thirty days within which to complete your order, unless a reduced period was specifically stated when the order was acknowledged.

You have the right to cancel a distance contract for up to seven days after you have been provided with a written confirmation of the order, and of your right to cancel, together with other information related to the cancellation process, and information regarding the supplier's business address, to which complaints should be sent.

In practice this information is usually provided when the order is confirmed - either immediately, or within a few hours in the case of most online orders.

You are therefore probably outside the cancellation period, and the best you can do is make a fuss.

  restless 13:43 21 Dec 2007

"In practice this information is usually provided when the order is confirmed - either immediately, or within a few hours in the case of most online orders."

The email i receiced when i purchased,

PLEASE NOTE: This email is for your reference and does not
constitute an acceptance of your order.

Thank you for your order received on Tuesday 11 December 2007. Your order is
now being processed.

On the 14th was emailed to say it would be sent by close of business that day,a week later its still not.

On their website it stated to guarantee delivery for xmas all orders had to be placed by 19th dec,as mine was placed on 11th and item in stock I just dont get why its still not sent.

Have had no reply to my three emails sent and the chat service very unhelpful.Upset as its a xmas present.

It also states that an order can be cancelled right up until it is due to be dispatched but when order status is complete that means its sent or ready to be.But I cant cancel order as its saying in my account its complete and shipped?? the only option I have is a returns request.Im just about to check if funds have been taken (should they have been?)Sorry if this is all confusing but I dont know what else to do.

  Forum Editor 15:13 21 Dec 2007

that you have two options - you can either cancel the order, or you can wait for the laptop to arrive. Broken delivery promises are certainly grounds for cancellation, but otherwise there's little you can do, apart from complaining, and that probably isn't going to make the delivery happen any sooner at this time of year.

Some online retailers take payment when the goods are ordered, and some take it just prior to the order being despatched. Nobody is going to let a laptop leave the warehouse unless it's been paid for.

  restless 15:37 21 Dec 2007

Thanks FE for your advice

Funds were taken from account on 17th,to my knowledge this should only have been when goods were ready to ship according to this.

It is our company policy to only take the payment from your credit/debit card once your goods are ready to ship, and not when we accept your order.

As for cancelling I dont know how,emails are not getting answered and I asked via chat for a contact number but was told their wasnt one as its an online sales...argh

  restless 14:39 28 Dec 2007

Its now the 28th I have still not had a response from the numerous emails I have sent.Payment was taken 11 days ok and the item is still not sent,surely this cant be right??

  Forum Editor 15:38 28 Dec 2007

the law allows a supplier up to thirty days to fulfil an online order. Most companies complete orders long before that time limit expires however, and I can understand your frustration. Nevertheless, there's little you can do except continue to try to contact someone about this.

the BT online shopis currently exhibiting a waiting time of 23 hours for email responses, but there is an online chat service, so it might be worth trying that. the service does get busy, but you can leave a message. At this time of year I imagine there's a good deal of server traffic, so be prepared for a wait.

  oresome 16:02 28 Dec 2007

Me thinks the death of the high street retailer is grossly over exagerated.

11th December, call in shop, look at product, get demonstration, hand over cash, collect product, take home, plug in and play.


Not trying to rub salt in the wound, restless. Online purchases are wonderful if everything goes smoothly, but they drive you to distraction if they don't.

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