Consumer Protection

  misery 20:37 27 Mar 2003

I am extremely disturbed to discover the E.U. is to cancel the current Clause 75 of the Consumer Xredit Act, in the very near future. this would mean the purchase using credit cards would no longer require the bank , who issued the card and approved the seller to accept the card as payment for goods or services, to be liable for any faulty goods or service.

  Forum Editor 23:39 27 Mar 2003

if the UK governement has anything to do with it - they're fighting to have the clause replaced in the draft directive that's intended to harmonise credit legislation across the EU. Other countries in Europe don't enjoy the same protection on purchases over £100 as that which currently applies here.

The directive is only a draft, and the legislation won't be finalised until some time in 2004. I am personally not too optimistic that we'll retain our protection however, despite our government's efforts on our behalf.

  Andsome 09:06 28 Mar 2003

This is just typical of nosy Eurocrats with nothing better to do. It's about time we had another referendum and got the hell out of this costly and restricting club.

  misery 21:54 28 Mar 2003

Had a really ambiguous letter from Mr. David Byrne the E.U. commissioner for the implementation of the directive wherein he states"even if the directive (the E.U. proposal) does not go as far as Section 75, it is far to early to say what the rules on joint liability will look like once the directive has been adopted". This hardly appears to be in favour of britain does it?

  Forum Editor 22:56 28 Mar 2003

the directive is only in draft form at the moment, and research has shown that if indeed there was another referendum on the subject of membership of the EU we would vote overwhelmingly in favour of staying in.

  Forum Editor 08:41 29 Mar 2003

one which might tempt some to make political points. Please resist the urge - I'll delete anything with a political bias.

  spuds 10:09 29 Mar 2003

Having used the power of section 75 on more than one occassion, I for one would be very sad,if we were to loose this protection. Still I suppose it is 'big business'and not the general consumer, that will have the final say on this matter.

  Ian-241948 23:19 29 Mar 2003

I would agree with everyone who has said that a loss of Section 75 would be a bad day for consumers. However, there are a number of companies who already offer protection over and above Section 75 as a customer benefit. A similar issue has been talked about relating to the reversal of liability on proof of fault - there are good companies and bad ones.

As long as interest rates remain low, some card companies will offer to retain Section 75 (or something similar) as it would be good for business. If we all move our business to those who keep it, the ones who don't will have to change. To be honest, I've never really understood why a credit purchaser should get greater rights than a cash buyer.

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