Confused about 64bit computers

  noclue 02:14 03 May 2004

Sorry this is going to seem a daft question to the experienced computer users so I apologise. My question is in view of these new 64 bit computers now coming onto the market does this mean that in say 1 or 2 years the 32 bit computers will not work anymore because the new software will all be for the new 64 bit computers. I am wanting to buy a new computer but am worried that if I buy a normal computer that it will be defunct after a few years . Can anyone explain to someone who really has no clue. Much appreciated

  Forum Editor 02:25 03 May 2004

64bit operating systems and software. Currently there's a 64 bit version of Windows in development - called Longhorn - but this won't be launched for a couple of years at least.

A 32bit machine will work just as well in two or three years time, but it won't run 64bit software. If you plan to keep your computer for more than three or four years you should consider a 64bit machine. Many people tend to replace computers within that time frame, and they'll probably be waiting for the operating system and software to hit the market before investing.

  noclue 16:16 08 May 2004

Thank you for the advice I wanted to ask another question following up from the advice but could not see that I could post another question I just saw a resolve box so ticked it. I should have gone further down the web page sorry. My follow up question is when the 64 bit computers and software are up and running does that mean that no further 32bit software would be available due to everyone suppsedly buying 64bit computers and so that if buying a computer that is 32bit now that in 2 or 3 years time it will not be workable because there will no longer be any 32bit software updates?

  ste_bla 16:25 08 May 2004

Seeing at the moment so many ppl run 98 that mircosoft had to continue updates due to public outcry and now its 04.. so whats the likely hood of people still using xp and other 32bit O/s + Progs MANY YEARS after Longhorn comes out?

The answer is VERY

  Forum Editor 17:16 08 May 2004

are in business like anyone else, and they'll continue to write 32bit versions of applications as long as there's a demand for them. At the moment nobody really knows how soon and to what extent 64bit machines will sell - remember that if you want to upgrade an existing computer you'll need a new motherboard and processor. Computers with a 64bit processor will run 32bit software quite happily, but a 32bit processor can't run 64bit applications or operating systems.

Expert opinion about how rapidly 64bit technology will be taken up in the market are varied - some people think it will happen quite rapidly - others are less optimistic.

There's no doubt that the release by Microsoft of a new, 64bit operating system is bound to be the big turning point, and I think that we'll see a lot of people going 64bit in terms of hardware in anticipation of that event. Hardware prices will no doubt stabilise as sales into the userbase accelerate.

  Mister Splendid 19:21 08 May 2004

My concern about the future is not about 64bit processors running 32bit software but about 64bit Windows. Will a 64bit machine running Longhorn still run 32bit applications? Or will upgrading to 64bit Windows mean having to replace all my 32bit software?

  user123 20:50 08 May 2004

Answer to Mister Splendid.
Yes, it will. In Longorn there is a thing that makes the 32 programms think that they are running on a 32 bit machine and 32 bit version of windows.

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