Computers Through Work Scheme

  buddiebuoy 09:50 29 Oct 2005

I was wondering if anyone works in a place where they offer discounted computers through and get the payments deducted from their wages, or if anyone has purchased a computer this way. From what I can make out it seems to be quite a cheap way of buying a computer and I was looking to buy a Dell Inspiron 6000 for about £15 a month for 3 years. That seems pretty decent to me although there is a final balance and you don't actually own the computer until the end of the period. It seems to get a bit complicated if you leave your employer as well.

Anyone had any experience of this.

  mole44 10:09 29 Oct 2005

we did it at in our workplace,was very popular i think there going to do it again soon.ours was run bt if my memory serves me right.general gist is you pay per month and at the end either give machine back or pay 5% of cost and keep machine.there is also government tax incentives given to reduce the cost.

  spuds 10:12 29 Oct 2005

This same subject was discussed on the forum a couple of weeks ago. Do to problems with the site, I cannot find the link, perhaps someone else can assist and provide the link.

Basically this scheme is a good idea, but there can be hidden obstacles, and reading the terms and conditions are essential, as this is a tax concession,leasing scheme.The computer is not your property until you have paid the final settlement fee after the 3 year period. If you leave the company before the 3 year contract period, then there could be a penalty fee to pay, and this is something that you will need to look at. The other point is the warranty aspect, this would depend on Dell or a third party. Again this is something that you may need to consider. Will it be on-site repair or send-away, and what about support, will this be provided by Dell or a third party.

After 3 years you will then have the option to pay a final settlement fee, or send the computer back. Consider that 3 years can be a very long time in computer technology. At the end of the day the choice is yours, but consider all the facts, because this scheme is totally different to other schemes, and as previously stated, it is based on tax concessions and leasing procedures and laws.

  Dizzy Bob 10:43 29 Oct 2005

I 'bought' my current Sony laptop through a computers at home scheme. The scheme is a very tax efficient way of getting the equipment. My unit costs approx £32/month, but when the tax benefit is included it drops to approx £25/month.

As mentioned before, you will need to pay a final purchase fee at the end of the lease, but this is typically 'auction value', and as you can imagine, 3 year old it equipment is not generally that high in value.

In my opinion, this is an excellent way to buy up to date IT equipment, with a substantial tax saving over the three years, it is in effect, a 'better than interest free' loan. Try getting that on the high street!

A good point raised by spuds is around the warranty. Basically you are tied in for 3 years to the scheme, you cannot back out once you are committed. I would suggest that it would be a good idea to make sure you have warranty support for that period, very annoying to have to keep paying for something that is broken, or beyond economic repair (ie Laptop screen).


  Forum Editor 11:07 29 Oct 2005

back when it first started. I have no idea how successful it's been, although I know that many companies took adavntage of it. My daughter's company certainly runs it quite successfully, and she obtained a second laptop that way (first one provided by the company). She thinks it's a great idea.

  buddiebuoy 00:51 30 Oct 2005

Cheers thanks for all that. I've went and ordered one at what should work out at £15 a month. Can't really see how I could go wrong at that price.

  Tim1964 23:01 02 Nov 2005

there's a FAQ site here

click here

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