Computer Warehouse goes bust

  simonjary 12:00 22 Mar 2010

Sad news that Computer Warehouse,an award-winning retailer of 21 years, has gone bust.

click here&

  sunnystaines 12:58 22 Mar 2010

never heard of that one.

  anchor 13:10 22 Mar 2010

Sad indeed to see yet another firm go bust.

Perhaps they made a commercial error concentrating just on Apple?.

I see that Apple computers had only around 3.3% market share in 2008, and were dropping in 2009.

  ronalddonald 20:43 22 Mar 2010

21 years yet Ive never heard of them also

  Newuser38 14:30 23 Mar 2010

This is later news from the news site click here&

  961 14:53 23 Mar 2010

What about the creditors?

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