Computer upgrade help (cpu)

  pac-man 13:18 13 Apr 2006

Hello, i decided it was time to upggrade my computer because quite frankly it sucks:

intel Celeron 2.4Ghz
Ati Radeon 9200 128mb
IM845G Motherboard (think thats the name)
80gb hardrive
512mb RAM

I have a small budget unfortunatley which doesnt leave much room for expansion. I recently bought a 6800GT to replace my 9200 and now I need to replace my crappy cpu. Can anyone advise me on the best cpu for gaming i can get for under 150 pound?

And if you could recommend a motherboard that will take the suggested cpu and my 6800GT please, although it needs to be cheap-ish as i dont have much money to spend on a motherboard

  Totally-braindead 13:32 13 Apr 2006

Is the 6800GT an AGP one or a PCI Express one? The best CPUs for gaming are the AMD ones, you mention £150 is that for a processor and a motherboard or just the processor?

If things are really tight you could buy something like the 3500+ retail processor click here= £131.54 and a cheap board such as an ASROCK which you should be able to get for about £40 but you will need to buy new memory, your old memory will not work with a faster processor. You could also look here for everything click here but you already have a 2.4 celeron and I feel theres little advantage to upgrading to less than a 3400 or 3500.

  pac-man 13:58 13 Apr 2006

Ok thanks, sorry i forgot to say, the 6800GT is agp, not pci-e. I have 150 for the cpu. And about 50 for the motherboard.

Is the 3500+ a good gaming cpu? I was hoping for something around 3Ghz pentium 4 power. I dont know much about cpu's but I was originally looking for a pentium 4 3Ghz. However people tell me to go amd but i have no clue which amd cpu's are good and which are not.

What is the average AMD cpu nowadays? Im hoping to be playing games like Elder Scrolls IV and other demanding modern games. Would a 3500+ cope well with that?

  Totally-braindead 09:41 14 Apr 2006

AMDs are cheaper than the Intel equivalents and are good for gaming, if you look at any of the gaming websites you will see that most of them use AMD processors. Theres nothing wrong with Intels its just AMDs are cheaper. I have a AMD 3500 and it runs everything, no lag or anything but its important to have a good balanced system, good graphics card, plenty of memory and a fast well defragged hard drive. I would say the average AMD is around the 3000 mark.

What I would advise you to do is buy a motherboard that can support a faster processor, that way later on (in a year or so when they are cheaper) you can add a faster, perhaps even a dual core processor. Also remember to budget for memory as your old memory will be useless.

I wouldn't worry about which processor is best for gaming but avoid Celerons and Semprons as they are both budget chips and are consequently slower.

  rmcqua 12:39 14 Apr 2006

If you can stretch a bit over your budget, this is a nice m/board + CPU bundle that should do what you want.
click here

  Smiler 16:19 14 Apr 2006

Make sure your ram will fit whateverboard you do get otherwise thats more expense.

  Devil Fish 17:38 14 Apr 2006

i have just purchased ans asus p4v800D-x

supports up 3.4ghz prescott processor

AGP And PCI-E Giving room for future upgrade
also has 4 ram slots giving room to upgrade ram later

click here

click here

my setup above motherboard and processor
6800gs graphics card and 1 gig of ram handles games well at the moment and dont intend to upgrade until vista arrives

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