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  chriswharton 02:38 28 Aug 2008

I have recently ordered a computer from computer planet on the basis of strong reviews on various websites and unfortunately didnt see this website until too late. I ordered the pc on the 18th and have recieved numerous emails updating the status of my order. These go:

18th - production started
18th - picking queue - missing processor
19th - picked
21st - assembly started
22nd - assembly started again
22nd - picking queue - missing case
27th - picked

So it has taken them 5 days to get back to where they started!! The first time they were missing the processor the next time they were missing the case! They actually started the construction without the case, or else broke it trying to put the pc together, im not sure which one is more likely!

I am seriously considering cancelling my order and trying to get my money back, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Kevscar1 07:08 28 Aug 2008

Unfortunately you didn't read my reviews on the sites. You are going to have great difficulty getting your money back. They don't care about the DSR's or Sales of Goods Act.
Start now by e-mailing them stating that as they have not delivered in the time promised so you wish to cancel in line with the above acts.
Make sure you keep copies of any communications.

  chriswharton 18:32 28 Aug 2008

I have emailed them about the delay and they say that they will sort it. They also had a problem with not enough PCI slots on the motherboard for my 10x usb 2.0 slot so i emailed them about that (after failing to find any solution where they said it was) and they said that i will be refunded for this item. Im just waiting to see if they actual do refund me or not.

  Forum Editor 19:55 28 Aug 2008

"They don't care about the DSR's or Sales of Goods Act."

Please don't post comments like that - you have absolutely no way of knowing whether it's true or not. You may have had a bad experience, and it's fine to post about the specifics of that if it's relevant, but it's not fine to make sweeping generalisations based on your own case.

  Kevscar1 06:53 29 Aug 2008

Forum Editor
Apologies That was based on my experience and the details of another 5 customers who have e-mailed me and are all in the process of taking legal action against this company.

  chriswharton 21:40 29 Aug 2008

I went on my email account today and had another 2 emails from them saying that my computer was going through the cabling process and the next one said that it had gone back to the picking queue as it was missing the ram that i had ordered!! It has been 10 days and my order has got nowhere!

  spuds 11:13 30 Aug 2008

At least they appear to be keeping you informed. Other companies might not have bothered, as we have heard on many previous occasions by other forum members experiences with certain company's.

If you are getting unduly concerned, then its for you to decide if a cancellation is in order, and for you to perhaps purchase elsewhere. Personally, I would think in terms of future help and assistance if the product fails under warranty, and how long a replacement or repair takes.

I hope that you have purchased via a credit card or computer finance transaction and agreement!.

Regarding Kevcars remarks about the DSR or SOGA, sometimes companies misunderstand the implications, and the way forward of consumer law, and this was recently aired in a statement and survey by the Office of Fair Trading (!) and the Trading Standards organisation.

  chriswharton 11:29 30 Aug 2008

Yeh thats what i was thinking Spuds. If they are taking so long building then if i ever had to send it in for repair then it would take a very long time and i would be misinformed etc. They are only keeping me informed as i am emailing them everyday lately. I purchased via a credit card so cancellation shouldnt be too much of an issue. I think i am definately going to cancel, but will wait till monday to see if they get back to me.

  spuds 12:21 30 Aug 2008

Why not give them an ultimatum, and insist that they supply the item within 'say' 7 working days with a guarantee of immediate refund if the item fails. By making this offer, it might provide extra amicable leverage for a swift resolution!.

  chriswharton 12:29 30 Aug 2008

Yeh i already sent them an email yesterday saying that if they do not resolve the problems within a week then i would be cancelling my order and their customer support person 'Tom' said he would speak to the chief engineer today. So we'll see how that goes.

  chriswharton 18:38 30 Aug 2008

I was wondering exactly what they were and how they apply to buying a custom pc on the internet as i don't want to get it wrong when i cancel my order. Any advice appreciated.

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