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  *hondo* 21:34 05 Feb 2008

Hello folks :-)

Does anyone have any past experience or knowledge of Computer Planet please.
Good or bad.
Thanx *hondo*

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  *hondo* 07:46 06 Feb 2008

Sorry in the post above I must have got the link wrong :-(

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Thanx *hondo*

  tillybaby 08:31 06 Feb 2008

When I was looking to buy a new computer just before Christmas I was so near to ordering off Computer Planet and even sorted one out that I liked but then I read such bad reviews that I cancelled everything,

It seems that some people have had computers built and have received cheap or downgraded parts and when they have complained have basically been told where to go,

Computer Planet did actually e-mail me and inform me that my 10days had expired from when I nearly completed the order but as a gesture of goodwill they would extend the ten days another week, I e-mailed them back and told them exactly why I wouldn't be continuing with my purchase, ie. Terrible customer service etc. They did actually e-mail me back and say thank you though.

  *hondo* 22:26 06 Feb 2008

Thank you for your response tillybaby.

Cheers *hondo*

  Lulie 20:27 12 Feb 2008

I just find this page via Google, and just had to write how damn right awful Computer Planet are.

My brother has spent £2000+ on a gaming PC from them and after four weeks of waiting for it, numerous emails from stating that it was going to be delivered, then literally a couple of minutes later, they would send yet another email to say that they have detected a problem.

So it comes. Firstly, no monitor arrives. the PC itself arrives, numerous problems with things not being right.

The next day we received the monitor, and now computer planet are not willing for us to return the whole thing for a refund, and are not returning our emails..

The saga continues! AVOID! You only need to look at their ebay feedback to see how incompetent they are! computerplanet-uk

  JackTaylerson 18:35 03 Mar 2008

Good Points

- Fab choice of components for you to choose
- Great customer support with instant email reply and a great idea using an instant messaging service for support
- Great prices - better then a lot of other websites that i have looked at.
- Great warranty options to choose from so no need to worry about anything
- Well laid out website which is very easy to use and navigate through and choose specifications with
- Quick delivery
- Great after sales support with email and on the phones
Bad Point

- Computer was damaged in transit (although may not have been their fault)
General Comment

Great choice if you are looking for a high, medium or low spec PC with fantastic prices. There are very few Bad Points and i even struggled to find one solid downfall.
Unfortunately my PC was damaged during transit but this is bound to happen to someone and i think the problem may lie with the delivery company. I quickly reported the problem and it was fixed within weeks.

I am very happy with Computer Planet and would recommend them to anyone. They are nice people and have a friendly community.


  harps1h 18:48 03 Mar 2008

"I quickly reported the problem and it was fixed within weeks."

other companies would have had it sorted in days

  tillybaby 19:21 03 Mar 2008

All I can say Jacktaylorson is that you must have been one of the lucky ones but just as long as you're happy that's great and it's good to hear such positive comments as well as negative,

I never completed my order with them because after I had done quite a bit of research on the company I felt I wasn't able to take the risk of being one of the unlucky customers.

  vinci1981 17:05 07 Mar 2008

See letter sent to them after I got my PC 5 weeks late and not working (this was a £1,600 purchase):

Dear Computer Planet,

I am writing this email with some ‘constructive criticism’ to hopefully help you improve your operations going forward.

I finally received my computer on Monday, March 3rd, after almost 5 weeks of intense inquiries and hundreds of automated emails, level 2 engineering queues, motherboard failures, etc. Given that I had requested to take it off the testing phase, I was of course expecting that the computer would not work, which it obviously didn’t. Just after start up a blue screen would appear and restart the computer automatically. I can tell you that after all this time waiting, getting that as a result was infuriating even though sadly expected. So I asked myself whether it made sense to send the whole pack back to you and try to fight over and over again for weeks with you and your non-existing customer service to end up getting a refund or actually try to fix it myself.

So I opened the box and looked into what could be wrong:

1st problem: the sound card is not properly plugged in into the PCI slot. Beginner mistake.
2nd problem: my 2x2GB GEIL DRAM is not properly plugged in (both are in the same A slots instead of installing 1 on A and 1 on B as is typically the case for Dual Memory) – beginner mistake.
3rd problem: even with those changes the blue screen still appears so I still cannot install the operating system. So I go online and check for the error code I was getting. Seems like the motherboard has some issues with Geil memory. I unplug one of the 2GB DIMMs and voila – computer starts and I manage to install Vista, all the required drivers, etc. – So far nothing that would have required more than 1 hour time from an experienced ‘level 2 engineer’ – whatever that actually means.
4th problem – in order to make my 4GB of RAM work I need to flash the old bios version and install a Vista update which is easily accessible through the Windows support website.

It sounds easy but it took a non-experienced guy like me 2 full evenings to get my machine in shape. This goes to say that you need to make an effort because what I got was not good quality service. Your value added is the build-up and installation of the machine, and frankly, you failed. I could have gone to some other website, order the components and spend those 2 evenings building my PC from scratch (and I would have saved time, money and the frustration of having to deal with your poor customer service).

I hope that, over time, you manage to improve all this.

A couple of remarks:
- I didn’t get my webcam which was on offer at the time I made my order (January 30th). Would be great if you could send it.
- I ordered a Samsung DVD-rom but the one installed on my machine was Asus. No one informed me of that change.
- Bribing your customers with freebies against positive reviews will not get you to the finish line in business.

Good luck.

  vinci1981 17:07 07 Mar 2008

Nothing easier than checking their own support forum ( which funnily enough is not linked to their sales website...

  cr1234 12:13 18 Mar 2008

I’ll start off with the good points. The website is quite nice with the systems being highly configurable. Prices are fairly competitive.

Now onto the bad points. These people provide some of the worst customer service I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience. They blatantly tell lies to their customers. They are also pretty inept at their job of building computer systems.

Their website promises 7 days lead time. I actually also emailed them before ordering to confirm this and was told, yes 7 days is the lead time. Take no notice of this, it is completely untrue. From what I can gather the average lead time is actually about 3-4 weeks. They didn’t even start building my machine for a week, even though the components were in stock on the day I placed my order. Of course this doesn’t stop them promising delivery continually throughout the process – I was promised delivery on no less than 5 different dates by various people. They are one of those companies that will say anything to you in order to gain 24 hours respite from irate customers.

Their website also promises an impressive array of testing before any system is shipped. Take no notice of this, it is completely untrue. My suspicions were first aroused when they sent me an email to say they had started testing, and then 15 minutes sent me another to say they had finished testing. These suspicions were confirmed when the machine finally arrived – the RAM wasn’t seated properly, the hard drive wasn’t even connected and neither was the internal USB card reader. The RAM is possibly a shipping issue but the other 2 certainly aren’t. Several screws were also loose and the case was damaged. Clearly my machine hadn’t gone through any quality control whatsoever – I don’t even think they switched it on. I just fixed everything myself however as I have no intention of sending it back to these people for obvious reasons.

Finally you may be wondering how they have managed to get any good reviews on various sites if they are so inept. The answer to that is they offer various incentives to people to go onto sites such as these and leave good reviews. It’s a shocking abuse of the system and probably the only explanation as to how they are still in business. For example, here is a post by one of the administrators on their forums:

FREE Flash Drive
Each cusomer who leaves us a good review on each of these sites

click here
click here
click here

will be rewarded with one 2 GB flash drive or a logitech web cam! “

Link here: click here

Absolutely disgraceful.

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