Computer Planet.

  The Kestrel 12:56 29 Apr 2007

I am looking to buy a new base unit shortly and would like to be able to configure most of the major components. I have investigated Novatech (limited configuration) , Komplett and Computer Planet. Whilst I am confident of buying through Novatech or Komplett, I have not come across Computer Planet before. Is there anyone on the forum who has purchased from this company and can they comment on both build quality and customer service?

  hzhzhzhz 13:35 29 Apr 2007

Have you tried here?.click here

  hzhzhzhz 13:38 29 Apr 2007

same old story,some for,some here

  Probabilitydrive 13:48 29 Apr 2007

Sorry, cant comment on 'Computer Planet'. I just followed this thread click here
with interest and the feedback/comments about this company are impressive.

Having just ordered a new system from evesham (which -up to now- displayed an impressive customer care service) I definitely keep Cougar on my mind for future reference.

  The Kestrel 14:11 29 Apr 2007

Thanks hzhzhzhz thats just the sort of info I require.

  shedman0_5 22:05 29 Apr 2007

Ordered one from them a few months ago excellent build and quality.Very good to deal with.

  MPRess 20:27 05 Jun 2007

I have order a PC from computer planet - they are cheap and look professional.

However I had to wait 22 days and when it finally arrived it did not work (did not recognise the graphics card). Although they claim to completely test each custom built PC system extensively.

I am currently trying to return it with a full refund and will try some of the suggestions posted on this message board if I get my unlikely refund...

  nicolarollin 00:34 05 Oct 2007

I ordered a computer from Computer Planet and paid in full immediately. I also paid £40 extra for next day delivery of my system and a 19 inch acer TFT monitor. No monitor arrived.
I managed to hook up my computer to another person's monitor to test that it was working and everything seemed ok. However, I was rather narked that I couldn't actually use the system that I'd paid an extra £40 to have delivered that day. I promptly tried calling the company, to be told by a rather dodgy answerphone that "in order to keep our prices low, we do not do aftersales by phone. Please email us with any aftersales queries." Aha.
My computer had arrived on the saturday, and so I would have to wait for a response to my emails until at least monday. Monday came, and I emailed the aftersales department first thing. I informed them that I was missing a monitor that was most definitely in my order (and they had taken payment for also). I asked when it would be delivered, and whether they would consider reimbursing part of my delivery fee, since I had received an unusable computer.
I received a response to say that the monitor was out of stock, and I could have another unbranded one of the "same spec" sent out that day, or I could wait for an Acer by the end of the week. They did not respond or even acknowledge my question regarding the delivery charge.
I then responded that I would wait for the Acer (considering that the only other monitor they sold was £30 cheaper and they made no mention of reimbursing the difference!!). I again asked what they were going to do about the delivery charge.
This time, I received no response at all. The next day, I finally received a rather shirty email from them demanding that I told them which monitor I wanted so that they could send it out. Obviously I replied to say I had already told them which monitor I wanted, and copied in my previous email for good measure. I then also added my third request that they respond to my question on the delivery charge.
Two days later I received my monitor, but I still never received any response or resolution to my query on the delivery charge. During the course of this saga they attempted to pacify me by saying the monitor I ordered was out of stock and so they couldn't send it. However, a member of their sales team had called me on the day I placed an order to query part of the spec, and they hadn't mentioned that the monitor was not in stock.
Also, on the day that I ordered the whole system, the website showed over 100 of this particular monitor in stock. It was also in stock on the day they dispatched the order, and the day that they told me they had stocking issues. When I tried to call them on their fib, they simply chose not to respond yet again.
And if this was not enough, after a few weeks of operation my brand new computer started freezing and restarting, and when Windows loaded back up it would say "the computer has recovered from a serious error."
The second time this happened, my computer shut down fine. But when I started it up the next day, it did not manage to load into windows. It showed an error message saying "secondary hard drive controller failed" and then went into a cycle of shutting off, powering the fans and lights up for half a second, and then resetting and doing it all over again. My computer was Officially Dead.
Had I searched for feedback on CP beforehand I would never have even touched the company with a barge pole. It is impossible to get them to answer queries, and if you paid extra for any kind of extended warranty, you may as well have used your money to wipe your backside.
So I decided not to bother with my "return to base" warranty, and opened up my case to see if any of the connectors had worked themselves loose, but I wasn't hopeful of success. After testing every piece of equipment within the computer, we found that the motherboard had failed.
I bought a replacement motherboard, and then removed the CPU. And found there was absolutely no thermal paste applied to the CPU at all. Hmm, I wonder why it died!!!
I could go on even longer, but I'm simply becoming too angry to type just by thinking about this company! I would summarise by saying that if you give any money to this company, I can almost certainly guarantee that you will regret it immensely. Please spread the word!

  The Kestrel 19:02 05 Oct 2007

After reading the above story of Computer Planet's products and aftersales service, I'm glad I went to Cougar Extreme for my new PC. They are the absolute opposite of computer Planet in terms of build quality and customer support.

  John Green 20:54 06 Oct 2007

I've used computer planet and my pc arrived on time and works perfectly.

  MrAJWilliams 13:50 08 Nov 2007

I've just recently used computer planet and my PC arrived as ordered (although, admittedly quite late). The specification for the system were good and i have no complaints about the build quality (I opened it up straight away to check everything was put together correctly).

One thing I will say is that they have no customer service, so don't bother ordering if you want to know everything about where your computer is in production etc. They ONLY send auto-reply emails so you will vary rarely find out the information you want to know. On the other hand, i have found them helpful with issues AFTER you have recieved the computer.

The long and short of it is - if you just want a top-spec computer on the cheap and don't care how long it takes to arrive (I wasn't bothered as I already had another computer) then these guys are good. You don't get the customer service but the end product is of good quality. BTW, my custom built computer took just over a month to arrive, so i'm using that as an average.

Hope this helps you all.


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