Computer Mods - What do people think?

  billbo_litenin 00:53 05 May 2003

Whats peoples opinion about Case modifications?

do you think its just silly?
do you think its actually not a bad idea to make that creme boring box attractive to look at?

give me some insight on what you think, and if you are a computer moder, email me some pictures and ill add them to my site...

[email protected]

click here


  DieSse 01:08 05 May 2003

IMHO - it's just plain daft

but each to their own!

  Mysticnas 01:13 05 May 2003

adds a new lease of life to your PC. like DieSse said, each to their own.

some might like to save the money on modding spend it on better spec hardware???

I'm thinking of getting mine done. I've just got a new motherboard with DPS system on it, which has a lighted fan. i think it's a bit silly if you can't see it. so i'll think about getting the "thunder" for my blue chieftec case.

the "thunder" mod is the 2nd one from the top left.
click here#

  Mysticnas 01:16 05 May 2003

that link you gave billbo???

it just came up with a studs and stars logo thing. couldn't go anywhere else from that page.

  powerless 01:18 05 May 2003

Well it's different ;-)

click here best looking cases in my opinion.

Ok you have to buy the PC as well, but still...

The base of my PC is on the floor i spend 99% of the time looking at that screen straight ahead of me. 1% is poppin in the CD, i do have not time and my eyes would hurt if i split the left eye look at the case and the right eye looking at the monitor.

Apache helicopter pilots are trained to do this ;-)

I turn on my PC by touching the mouse button or the space bar on the board.

Case mods are nice, lights etc but i would not have time to appreciate it.

  kane_2002k 01:36 05 May 2003

....important to have a nice case, i.e not a beige box - soemthing a little special, as for lights etc. i think anything more then just a cold cathode tube, is too much. Using the antec plusview 1000amg case right now click here

i think it's worth the money, just so not to spoil the decour of ur room.

  jeez 03:39 05 May 2003

agree with diesee, each to their own, I'd personally spend the money on component upgrades, but some of those modded cases can look pretty impressive, why not?

  -pops- 06:46 05 May 2003

A computer is a means to an end, not an end in itself. There is no point at all in putting garlands of fairy lights, twinkling diodes or cold cathode lights on the box or even inside (and then have to put on a transparent cover to be able to see them). There isn't much happens inside a computer case, well, not that can be seen happening, so putting these adornments on is yet another instance of style over substance.

If you have sufficient time available to admire these fripperies, are you sure that you need the computer at all and that you wouldn't be better employed doing something else?

Regarding case colours, the boring beige was chosen very astutely by IBM when the developed the Personal Computer. It is the colour with the most efficient dust disguising properties. You can easily assess this by having a boring beige box working alongside one of the fancy "willow charcoal grey", "electric blue" or similar efforts. You will soon see which needs the duster on it first and it ain't the boring beige box.


  -pops- 06:50 05 May 2003

BTW it's best not to put your email address on these pages. There are some very odd people about, even here. To contact respondents or if they want to contact you, the little envelope icon is the way to go.


  gcs_uk 08:30 05 May 2003

My case is tucked away underneath my desk so it is irrelevant.

IMHO people are modding the cases b/c they are tring to intergrate them into their room so they will be seen as part of the furniture. Why they want to do this is beyond me.

The vast majority of television sets are grey/black ugly boxes and who mods those - noone.

My advice is to invest the money in a decent workstation which fits in with your room and then you can tuck it away out of sight.

But then again I am a killjoy :0)

  Mysticnas 10:31 05 May 2003

blue chieftec tower sits besides my monitor on my desk. not tucked away.

I wouldn't spend money on a case that looks good and tuck it away.

I love the colour blue, most things in my room are blue. my case is also blue. i feel that i have an adequete PC, well enough for me not to worry about better hardware, so i can start on modding it now.

will get a window done like in the link in my post above and have a blue cold cathode in it.

I don't think we should be saying that people who do or don't mod are silly for doing so.

And pops... what are you implying:
"If you have sufficient time available to admire these fripperies, are you sure that you need the computer at all and that you wouldn't be better employed doing something else?"

I'm doing a degree, my 2nd one, 3d animation, i have 2 jobs, i baby sit my niece, i practise martial arts 3times a week, i go to the gym 4 times a week, amongst many other things...

Remember everyone is different!

We should refrain from implying that if you're different you are in some way weird or silly.
this is not the right attitude to have in this forum. People come here for advice.

You probably didn't intend to offend anyone by what you said. but just turn the table around and imagine what it would feel like if some indirectly implied you were a boring person. not very nice is it?

I personally see it as an art form. It's like buying decorations for your home, ornaments for example. they don't do anything they just sit there and look all pretty.

The personal computer has long since left behind the times where it was just a tool. It is now a part of everyday life for a lot of people. You can relate it to cars in way. When they first came about they were designed around the function. As in looks weren't that much of a factor. over the decades, because they have become more and more common, people want to be different. Cars now come in all shapes and sizes. to cater for all types of people and lifestyles.

blah blah blah...


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