Is This Computer Good bulid?

  h4xor 02:36 11 Jul 2006

Hello, i am going to bulid this machine can i ask will it work when i put it all toghter? And there all compatable thanks in advanced

Intel Celeron D 330J 2.66Ghz Socket 775 FSB533 256kb Cache Retail Boxed CPU With Fan and 3 Year Warranty
click here

Ebuyer 512MB DDR PC2100 266MHz Extra Value RAM
click here

Maxtor 6L080L0 Plus 10 80GB 7200RPM ATA/133 2MB Cache - OEM
click here

Biostar P4M80-M7 SKT775 VIA P4M800 Chipset DDR400 AGP S3 UniChrome integraged graphics MATX
click here

Casecom KL-700ATX Black Midi Tower Case With 350W PSU
click here

Can ask when the harddrive says OEM what does that mean? Does this mean windows is preinstalled?
Also will this computer be fast. I just want to watch some DVDs some word documents nothing fancy.

Thank you very much for your help

  Stuartli 09:00 11 Jul 2006

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Such products come without retail packaging and, often, without software, drivers or whatever is appropriate, which are then downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

Buying OEM products such as an optical drive just on its own is normally an excellent way of making financial savings because you are not paying for the retail packaging and add-ons.

Your proposed system is quite basic but will do what you require; however you will have to add the cost of buying an operating system such as XP Home.

  spuds 09:17 11 Jul 2006

This might be worth considering click here or at least provide some ideas.

  dontmeshwithme 09:22 11 Jul 2006

The PC should be fine for what you are proposing. Like Stuartli said you will need an operating system, ebuyer do XP home OEM for around £60, in addition don't forget to buy your DVD/optical drive. Ebuyer also do PowerDVD OEM for £6 and this would be a worthwhile purchase if you are planning to watch DVD's. Have you done a build before?

  Harpur 09:25 11 Jul 2006

firstly the use of the integrated graphics impares the ability to watch dvds well as the onboard type uses system ram to put the image on the screen. you would need to invest in a decent AGP card to avoid any stuttering. it is worth noting that windows already uses 256mb ram . which neatly brings us to my second point.

secondly the board you are looking at supports a faster ram called pc3200. i would use this and increase the amount to 1gb. be careful of "extra value" ram as this can turn out to be second rate.

thirdly "OEM" means that you get the drive only and no cables or instructions. it usually comes in a plain brown box. the drive itself is fine.

forthly you need to buy a dvd drive as it is not listed here and these can be picked up very reasonably.

remember you will need cabling for connecting the various components if they are not supplied with the motherboard and if you don't already have one a monitor.

lastly you will need to buy a copy of windows which can be picked up for around £60 at click here however before you buy any of this add up the cost of all the components and factor in all the individual delivery costs. then look at machines available to you prebuilt. if you don't need a monitor for instance look at pc world, they will sell without a monitor. think carefully before you jump.

let us know

  h4xor 13:16 11 Jul 2006

Thanks, i can use any OS can I. Does it have to be OEM because i already have a copy on windows xp with a product key onit. Say the PC should be fine. Am glad with that but Harpur is scaring me now.

  dontmeshwithme 13:24 11 Jul 2006

Please don't think me rude but are you really sure you want to do this. I have a reasonable knowledge of PC's and I managed to build my own last year but it really is not as easy as just putting everything into the correct slot and then turning it on (although in theory it should be). If you are up for a challenge then it, but if it is to save money try looking at some preassembled computers, ie DELL, they have some cracking offers. If you already have a monitor both ebuyer and pcspecialist also sell fairly cheap systems.

  h4xor 13:26 11 Jul 2006

dontmeshwithme what will happen? Ive bulit my own machine before, i never had a problem

  Harpur 14:37 11 Jul 2006

i don't mean to scare you, but you came across as having basic knowledge.
if as you say you have built before then that is fine, but looking at your proposed specs for the system, i feel after a few months you will realise how slow the machine can be when running more than one program. what i have suggested are practical upgrades to the system, particularly the graphics card. failure to do that will eat away at the ram as well as trying to run XP which is ram hungry. in answer to your question about the os, yes you can run any one you want, however, XP is better if use a lot of usb devices. if you use the existing XP then the system will be fine. i am not sure on this point but you may need to re-register the os with microsoft because of hardware changes. i still think that for yourself look at what you will spend on individual components as well as postage, especially if you are using different suppliers. then look at pre-built systems, you may they are better value. they are built in bulk and the manufacturers get the bits cheaper than us.

sorry if i scared you


  dontmeshwithme 14:51 11 Jul 2006

If the copy of XP you have had been registered and it is an OEM version microsoft will not allow you to re-register it to another machine. If however it is a full retail version you should have no problems. I am sorry I questioned your ability, but from your questions I wasn't sure what your technical level was.

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