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  dawsonc 19:52 11 Feb 2005

Looking for an online supplier that can give me a functional desk on wheels. Not bothered about appearance to be honest but interested in price, fast delivery, functionality and durability. Any ideas ?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:12 11 Feb 2005

Office World - Workstations and Computer Desks / Office Furniture
click here

  byfordr 12:18 14 Feb 2005

Not sure whether you can get it online (rubbish search engine on website) click here
but just picked up a glass computer desk from Focus. £20 includes keyboard tray and cpu stand.
Even managed to get a 10% discount for having a homemovers card. Its was pretty light so no problems about picking it up instore. Store locator click here


  €dstowe 16:39 14 Feb 2005

"- - - but just picked up a glass computer desk - - -"

Be VERY careful with glass desks. To be stylish, a friend had one. He placed a CRT screen on it then happened to spill a hot drink. The strain placed on the glass by the CRT then the hot liquid was such that it shattered (very loudly). The CRT fell on to the glass keyboard slide just below which also shattered with the impact and then fell forward on to his lap causing damage to the kneecap. Fortunately, there was no damage due to broken glass but there was an awful lot to clear up.

  Urotsukidoji 16:53 14 Feb 2005

try click here


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