iqs 19:53 30 Apr 2007

Hello.Is anyone currently learning(or have) about IT with Computeach?.

Is their training package informative and beneficial,and more importantly what are their charges.

The info I require is not available on their web site.I must fill in my details first.

Thank you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:49 30 Apr 2007

I know a few that have been on this course...and none work in IT. The course, from what I wa told, is OK but there are a huge amount of applicants for any IT job with less and less jobs to go round. If you can afford the course (£1995 I think but I might be wrong)go for it and expect to do most of the work on your own but do not borrow the dosh in the hope of a well paid job. If you do get a job in IT, after the course, the starting pay is ultra-dire and you would probably earn more driving as bus.


  jimmybond 21:03 30 Apr 2007

as Gandalf says - 'expect to do most of the work on your own'
In which case, why not just buy a couple of books/CD's and use the numerous (free) online resources.
Some of these IT courses that promise salaries of £30k or whatever when you leave, are taking the wotsit....

  freaky 13:46 01 May 2007

I did their course about 10 years ago, and eventually got a diploma in Management Data Processing and COBOL Application Programming.

I found them very good. They send you study material to do at home, and also free hands-on experience at their college. Once you have qualified they supply you with job offers.

I did not take up any of the offers as I obtained work in a different industry, but nevertheless I found the course very beneficial.

  iqs 14:43 01 May 2007

GANDALF <|:-)>,jimmybond and freaky.

When I read GANDALF's comments regarding the possible price of the course,I decided to e-mail my local college for their part time courses,I'm waiting for the reply.
It hopefully wont cost as much.

The advert makes it sound so simple,and it probably is.It's just a lack of funds .Nothing is free in this world.

So I will pass on Computeach.

Thank you all for your comments and time.

Kind regards,Mike

  pj123 15:05 01 May 2007

I was an IT trainer for a County Council. We could get you all the Certificates for the courses you were doing, but we never said anything about getting/guaranteeing you a job at the end.

It just isn't possible to do that. As GANDALF <|:-)> says there are too many applicants for so few jobs.

I have a few City and Guilds, RSA certificates plus other qualifications but I have never been asked to produce them at any job interview I have had.

Don't need to produce them now though as I have been retired for many years.

I know someone who has HND in Computer Studies but the only job he could get was a Post Room Assistant at my local City Council.

  iqs 16:00 06 May 2007

for your comments pj123 :-)

  Computeach 10:37 05 Jul 2007

Hello this is the Customer Care Team at Computeach.

If you’ve arrived here, then you clearly want to know some facts about Computeach or maybe you have a problem. Feel free to read the reviews but, please give us the opportunity to tell you our side of things, too.
If you have a problem with Computeach, we are sorry that you feel this way and we would like the opportunity to help and resolve your issue.

We have the fairest and most open complaints resolution process in the IT training industry and have a dedicated team waiting to help you. However, we can only help you if you get in touch with us directly and let us know your problem or question.
Please contact us – here are the details:

Email [email protected]
Call 0845 60 99 020
Web click here

Thank you for reading this – we hope we can help you

Kind regards

Customer Care Team

  wee eddie 08:42 11 Jul 2007

That's a gross libel on your part.

As far as I can read from the thread linked above.

Computeach have had no input or even knowledge of what is going on there.

The young man bought the Course with a Loan.

He has not completed the First Module, until he does, and sends it back to Computeach they will be under the impression that he is still on the course.

The Company that lent him the money, to buy the course, wants paid.

  Forum Editor 18:46 11 Jul 2007

because it was wildly defamatory, and based on nothing remotely reliable. I'm sorry that your posts now seem a little out of context, wee eddie and Sic - I'm sure you understand.

  Starfox 21:03 11 Jul 2007

** I think he hoped they had gone away and forgotten about the money he owed them.....**

Says it all really !

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