complaint with PC World, ongoing for over a year!

  disheartened 22:31 20 Jul 2011

I've gone through my complaint with so many people now i'm losing the will to live. I've posted a copy of my letter to the CEO, managing director and complaints dept just to say my poor fingers. I hasten to add i have had NO reply at all to my letters or emails to the above mentioned.

The addresses i have written to are - John Naylor PC World Customer Service Customer Contact Centre PO BOX 1681 Sheffield S2 5YA

DSG- John Browett DSG International Plc Managing Director PC World Stores Group Maylands Avenue Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP2 7TG

and email addresses used are '[email protected]' and '[email protected]'

a summary of my complaint as follows...

'It is unfortunate that I have to approach you directly to resolve our issues, but we have had arguable less than little help from your staff in the tech guys call centre.

Please would you be able to investigate the progress of our laptop repair, reference. I passed my faulty laptop to your repair department over 1 year ago and despite repeated requests for progress I have heard nothing since September last year.

The last contact I had, confirmed that the laptop was to be collected and sent to a forensic laboratory to re-constitute the lost data, at no cost to me. Additionally, a sum of £50 in compensation for the quality of service and reimbursement of £50.50 worth of phone calls were offered.

Please note that I have not redeemed either the voucher or the phone call reimbursement as I did not believe that at the time the compensation offer was acceptable and wished to reserve my position pending full restoration of the data and laptop. This position has obviously borne out, as now over 12 months has elapsed without me having my laptop.

In the interim I also contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service to investigate, as your literature suggests you are regulated by them. However, the Ombudsman has returned my query stating that this insurance product is not 'covered' by them. This appears to be at odds with your documentation, so are you able to confirm who is correct?'

The photos PC World removed, despite numerous requests not to do a restore that would remotely risk losing them, were of a very dear relative that we lost in the month or so before the computer broke. We had down loaded all the photos and were taking a back up when the lap top broke and had to send to PC World for repair.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone help me.

  Forum Editor 23:28 20 Jul 2011

The first thing to ask is what you mean by " We had down loaded all the photos and were taking a back up when the lap top broke..."

If you had copied the images from the hard drive you do have a back-up, so at least you haven't lost the images of your deceased relative. That doesn't make the situation with PC World any the less serious of course.

You don't say what was wrong with your laptop in the first place, but from what you do say it seems that when it was returned after repair the hard drive had undergone a system restore, effectively wiping all data files, and that you received a promise of a forensic data recovery operation. This would necessarily be done by a third party, and seems that this is what was offered. No doubt you would have been advised at the time that there is no guarantee that in these circumstances all data can be fully restored.

That a whole year has passed without any sign of your laptop being returned to you is almost beyond belief,it's certainly the most extreme case of appalling customer service that I have so far heard of, and in your position I would be very angry indeed, to put it mildly.

At this point I must state quite clearly that our experience in this forum over many years is that it can be extremely difficult to get matters like this resolved by PC World. I have contacted the company by email on numerous occasions in the past on behalf of consumers, and in most cases I have not received any response at all. That isn't to say that it's not worth trying again however, and I have contacted the company on your behalf. let's wait a day or so to see if I get any response - I'll update you via this thread if and when I hear anything.

  woodchip 23:31 20 Jul 2011

You need to do same as the Thread above this one see my last post to the thread. Consumer Credit act section 75 Click Hear Tell them in the letter 14 Days to pay up and post it Recorded delivery quote the above act. or you will take it further

make sure you date the letter

  spuds 00:01 21 Jul 2011

Have you retained 'all' the communications details while dealing with the issues with the company, including and especially the promises or action PCW were going to take?.

Do you have access to household insurance legal cover?.

  disheartened 15:45 21 Jul 2011

Hi all, thanks so much for replying, what a refreshing change for someone to actually listen :) but then again you guys arent from pc world lol.

In answer to the hard drive question, we didnt manage to get the photos off the hard drive as on the morning that it broke we were just about to do the back up. We were told the laptop had a faulty screen however, after receiving the laptop back it worked for 20 mins or so and then crashed again. Then after shutting down it, if we could get it to load to windows it would only stay on for about a minute before freezing and crashing again. We did tell PC World on a number of occasions if there was any chance of losing the data during their attempted repair they were to stop and call us straight away. I have got a copy of their file which clearly shows these instructions were given on a number of occasions.

yes i was promised a forensic data recovery operation but this has never been followed up on. Perhaps it is to do with the £700 charge they say it will cost them to have this done. Yes we were advised there is no guarantee it will work but its worth a shot to get the photos back.

Thank you so much for sending and email Mr/Mrs Forum Editior, i really appreciate it. I sent an email to PC World last nite too and received the following reply...

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of [email protected] Sent: 21 July 2011 14:15 To: Sarah Subject: Re: COMPLAINT - STILL being ignored!

Dear Sarah,

Please accept my apologies but i am unable to locate your original complaint, this may explain why we weren't able to reply originally.

As this is regarding the service received from the Knowhow Technical Department i have forwarded your complaint to their customer service team to respond.

In addition i must also advise that John Naylor is no longer with the company, for our current list of directors please see the Dixons Retail head office website.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused and we shall try and resolve this issue promptly.

Kind regards,

David Thompson PC World Business

Thank you woodchip and spuds for your replies too. I do have copies of all correspondence, including their false promises and i also have household insurance legal expenses cover.

Thanks again, lets hope something might happen, but i wont hold my breath!

regards Sarah

  spuds 18:59 21 Jul 2011

Glad that you have household insurance legal cover. If it states that the policy covers consumer rights, which most household insurance legal cover policies do, then you may well have a further advantage of making a legal claim, or further telephone/written legal advice if all else fails. To take a legal claim option, you may find that the policy as certain restrictions about making a claim (policy in force before problems occurred etc?) so perhaps consider that!.

Here is a link to Dixon Group management Katie Bickerstaffe as been dealing with better service issue media releases with customer service and KnowHow. Might be worth considering her for future help?.

  spuds 19:07 21 Jul 2011

Apologies, above link seems incorrect, try

  natdoor 20:28 21 Jul 2011

As you downloaded photos to your hard-drive there was obviously a source for them. Presumably the source is for some reason no longer available for you to capture them again. If so, you seem to be doubly unfortunate.

  Forum Editor 16:58 26 Jul 2011

By way of an update....

I am now in direct contact with a member of PC World's chief executive's management team, and she is going to handle your case personally.

Please email me as soon as you can, and provide me with the following details:-

Your name and address

The email address you would like to be contacted on

A phone number on which you can be contacted.

Any case reference number that you might have, although don't worry if you don't have that.

I will then put you in direct touch with the person who responded to my email, and both of you can take it from there. All I ask is that you update us via this thread as and when you have some progress to report.

You'll be dealing with someone at a very high level in the company, so you should get some satisfaction.

Good luck.

  disheartened 21:57 26 Jul 2011

i cant thank you enough for your help here. I've emailed you. Kindest Regards

  disheartened 22:02 26 Jul 2011

i most certainly will update the forum too ;)

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