Complaint with PC world

  sezwhite 20:40 31 Aug 2009

Hello, my son boughta compaq laptop from pc world and afetr 11 weeks it developed a pink line down the screen and a screen problen in one corner. We took it back to the store and the engineer said they can be easilty damaged and twisted the screen and caused extensive damege. We trusted the fact that they would confirm that they caused this damage when they sent off the laptop to their engineers. This was not the case and when it was returned they said tough, it was accidental damage. After alot of complaining I decided to go via trading standards and have written complaint letters and have not even had a reply. Trading standards have now said I have to take them to court. Any advice would be very helpful.

  rdave13 21:17 31 Aug 2009

This is just to bump your post as you'll get excellent advice from here. Can't for the life of me figure out PC World not supporting their customers. There are a multitude of posts on these forums with complaints about customer service from them.

  WolframBlitzen 22:31 31 Aug 2009

The line right down the screen could well be a failure in the LCD Panel. As much of a pain in the arse as it is, it does happen unfortunately. You’ve not been very clear about the other problem in the corner of the screen though. Would you be able to upload a photo so I can take a look please?


-The Blitz Man

  sezwhite 22:35 31 Aug 2009

I can upload a picture, but unfortunately the vast majority of the damage to the screen was done by the engineer in pc world and thats the problem. Intially in the corner of the screen some of the colours had started to 'bleed' together

  spuds 22:37 31 Aug 2009

Just a few (4) questions to get the ball rolling.

Who actually said tough to you. Was it the technician, repair people, store manager?.

You seem to state that "twisted the screen and caused extensive damage" and " they would confirm that they caused this damage". Did you actually see anyone cause this damage?.

Do you have any household insurance that covers accidental damage?.

How long have you waited for a reply from whoever you sent 'written complaint letters' to?.

  sezwhite 22:43 31 Aug 2009

the store manager said tough. Also when I phoned there customer services they were very unhelpful. I did explain their technician twisted the screen and they said he did it to prove a point. I siad that didn't make it right as they can't prove that the initial fault was accidental. ONe manager at the customer service centre was incredibly rude to me and basically said 'complaint o who you want i don't care'. I gave them 14 days to reply as per trading standards. when they promised to cover the cost of the scrren they said they would write to confiorm, but never did, luckily i had also asked for it to be emailed to me

  sezwhite 22:44 31 Aug 2009

By the way, the engineer twisted the scrren in the shop in front of my husband, who is trustin g and thought that they would make a note of this on their service docket, this was not the case

  rdave13 22:54 31 Aug 2009

The 'uploadable' picture is of original 'fault' that you brought the laptop to PC World before the 'engineer' twisted the screen? Hope it has a date on the immage. Might help.

  sezwhite 22:57 31 Aug 2009

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. we didn't take one as we didn't foresee a problem. I don't have in writing that they twisted the screen, but they did state this in a phone call and I have asked for transcripts of all calls

  WolframBlitzen 23:43 31 Aug 2009

Okay, no Pictures makes your position a little bit more difficult I’m afraid and, as I’m sure you’re probably already aware, I’m not exactly held in the highest regard on this forum so before I go on; Please be assured I’m trying to be as helpful as I can here.

From what you’ve said, all the colours “Bleeding together” on the screen was caused by a crack in the LCD Panel, That can also cause a line down the screen which may or may not have appeared when the crack did.

The screen is basically glass beneath the Perspex (the bit that faces you when you’re using the computer) and glass doesn’t just break of its own accord It has to have had some external force. Now, I’m not going to say what that force would have been but I will agree with the technicians that twisting can do it, so can grabbing the computer by the screen, being knocked while it was in its case or pressure being put upon the screen from behind.

14 days for a reply is not “as per trading standards” it is as per a template letter from consumer direct. There is no law saying PC World have to reply to you within 14 days and bear in mind that 14 days isn’t a lot of time to investigate things fully.

You can always ship the computer back to the manufacturer for their own assessment on it but remember that if they consider it a damage issue, they may well charge you for the service and they can charge whatever they like.

Have you got a picture of the computer as it is now? That would still be helpful

Hope that helps. If I can, I’ll answer any more questions you may have.

-The Blitz Man.

  sezwhite 23:49 31 Aug 2009

I can take a picture of the screen now, but when we took the laptop in there was no visable crack. However now there are 2 large cracks right acoss right across the screen. I do understand what you are saying about the accidental damage, my son has had a laptop for 4 years with no problems at all, but these things happen and if the engineer had just sent it off without touching it and they had said accidental damage, i could have lived with it and claimed unedr household insurance. But the fact that he intentionally cracked it to prove a point makes me really cross. Who does he think he is?

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