Compensation...yes or no ????

  _chris_ 17:27 13 Jan 2003
  _chris_ 17:27 13 Jan 2003

I'd be interested to hear the views and experiences of forum members on this subject.

I'm aware that various manufacturers have their fingers on the pulse here with dedicated threads for customer support . Some issues are resolved quickly and amicably, some not so. Even when an issue is rectified fairly quickly what cannot be escaped is its still an inconvenience none the less.

My question is at what point should stop saying "don't worry it's one of those things" and push for recompense in some form or another, be it in the form of some kind of refund or some kind of upgrade or should we expect some kind of good will gesture for even minor inconveniences ?. Obviously this is more pertinent when applied to those manufacturers with a less than glowing customer support reputation.

What are your views and experiences ? Are we only too ready to accept these little niggles as being part and parcel of buying a pc as long as the problem is promptly sorted out ?


  Diemmess 17:40 13 Jan 2003

It is wild out there in a cut-cut-cut market.
Compensation! Forget it in "normal troubles".

Agree that the willingness to help rectify errors is THE best guide to a sound supplier, and this can only be discovered by your experience and that of others.

Almost everyone only sells boxes.
Contents probably made in the Far East and perhaps assembled there.
So it doesn't "Go" ...... now see what support you get and how long it takes.

From personal experience Simply (some time ago) Scan Jungle and Novatech have all sent me faulty stuff, and the last three particularly have replaced very quickly.

Add to that Iomega who have replaced free a Jaz drive 3 times (not their fault either I had a termiation problem in SCSI)

I won't list those who by reputation keep appearing here as "awkward to reach" an expensive wait on the phone and so on. They ought to offer compensation but as the lawyers say "See you in Court".

Personally and by coincidence in the legal world, there is a measure of "Reasonableness" that is required when dealing with faulty Goods. (I seem to recall Sale of Goods Act 1979 S.15 - but without looking may be wrong).

I would consider a personal "Gut" feeling as to what is reasonable bearing in mind the cost of the item, its intended use and the efforts that have been taken to rectify so far.

in no event could I consider a delay in responding to an email "Reasonable" especially when the firms are so called Internet shopping experts!

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